Pokemon Go still kicking and earning a lot of revenue. It’s been a while since a major update has been introduced. We have seen a lot of smaller updates along with a little content updating such as more shiny Pokemon being introduced into the game.

While there is bound to be some flaws in the game, some flaws are kind of pointless yet funny to take into account. Some of them just aren’t noticed by the developers which makes all the more enjoyable to ponder on.

There are certain Pokemon based on real-life objects and animals, while it may be hard to add all the Pokémon’s background stories to the game. One has a pretty simple background story that Niantic could implement into their widely known game.

The Pokemon nosepass is supposed to act as a compass, pointing his nose in the right direction. However, that isn’t the case inside Pokemon GO. Instead, Nosepass just spawns like any other Pokemon. Though, it would be a pretty simple fix if Niantic wanted to have Nosepass act like a compass.

While the GPS tracking is already in the game. All Niantic would really need to do is add the compass coding onto Nosepass’s spawning code; this would allow for Nosepass to turn into a compass. Surely, there is more Niantic would have to do to get this feature up and running, but they have everything they need already in the game.

It would be even better if when selecting Nosepass as a buddy Pokemon it either moves around in the buddy display or better yet if Niantic would allow for a small version of Nosepass to actually follow you around as you play the game. While many people don’t use the compass, it would just be interesting to see Nosepass act like one in the game.


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