Moltres day was given to Pokemon GO Players as a reward for completing Professor Willows global challenge; this will be the last reward for the challenge as of right now is the final part of the tasks given. Unfortunately, some players will be unable to participate in this event due to some recent disasters.

It is nice for Niantic to take into consideration major real-life events that could potentially harm players if they went out to play the game. While Niantic does pop up a warning sign displaying harmful weather at points, but them canceling an event from weather is something needed.

Of course, it would depend on what’s going on but even turning the game off in some parts of the world wouldn’t hurt either. The volcano’s in Hawaii is a good example, Niantic could have turned the game off for the time being while everything was working itself out.

While people should use common sense in these situations, it is kind of known that not everyone will, putting themselves in more danger than what Niantic should have to deal with. Thankfully, this cancelation won’t be the last, however, so far, Niantic hasn’t set a reschedule date for the Moltres day event in Hokkaido.

For those wondering what may have happened, Hokkaido has recently experienced some major earthquakes, if you would like to help them out, feel free to. Think of all the Pokemon players missing out on an event if Niantic doesn’t reschedule it for them.

Another good reason Niantic is canceling this event for them is that the people of Hokkaido should be focusing on helping each other our right now, not playing Pokemon Go.


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