My Hero Academia chapter 190 was fantastic, and as a fan of Endeavor, I couldn’t be prouder. The chapter was titled, “The Beginning Of,” The chapter picked up from the intense between Endeavor and the “special” Nomu. Nomu managed to wound Endeavor and because of the Endeavor’s vision was compromised. But, he was out there to make a statement, he didn’t even think of giving up.

My Hero Academia 190 Review

We saw Todoroki looking at the TV; he was watching his father fight. Endeavor was being spurred on by his emotions to show that he was indeed the no.1 hero. He wanted to surpass All Might; he was wanted to become better than his rival. Endeavor used his most powerful attacks, but Nomu’s regeneration almost negated the damage. Hawks provided him with support, but he also began to run low on power.

my hero academia 191
My Hero Academia Episode 50

Endeavor asked Hawks to lift him above the buildings and Hawks did it? Up in the air, as there was no fear of humans getting killed, Endeavor unleashed a devastating attack that destroyed Nomu. Endeavor came crashing down, but he stood on his feet and held his arm up proudly.

Hawks joked that it was the same pose as All Might. To this Endeavor replied that All Might held up the other arm and the heroes emerged victoriously. However, their joy was cut short as one of the members of the League of Villains. Namely, Dabi, appeared.

Now you might say that I’m jumping to conclusions, but it seems that Endeavor is in trouble. We have forgotten about the quirk erasing bullets, and it seems that Endeavor is the next target. His quirk will be erased, and there will be no symbol yet again. However, I’d like to believe otherwise because it will be lame to throw away Endeavor as he just became the symbol.

We have to wait for the next chapter to come out to get the answers to our questions. We will keep you updated on My Hero Academia 191.


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