For those who have been watching Pokemon since the beginning, this news may be even more devastating than those who haven’t. However, it’s still hard for any Pokemon fan to hear. The voice actor of professor Oak has passed away not too long ago. Unsho Ishizuka had passed away August 13th of 2018 at the age of 67.

Professor Oak is one of the most iconic characters in Pokemon as he helped Ash throughout most of Ash’s journey to become a Pokemon master. However, Unsho Ishizuka voiced other characters in other anime as well, not just Pokemon. Some of those anime are; Mr. Satan in Dragon Ball Super and Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop.

Sadly, Ishizuka didn’t pass away of old age. He ended up passing due to Esophageal cancer. Thankfully, this didn’t stun his career any more than it already has. In some cases, people have to give up their careers depending on certain illnesses. Esophageal cancer would certainly put a halt to voice actors.

Hopefully, this doesn’t mean they will put a stop to the character of Professor Oak, more than likely; they will just find a new actor to voice Professor Oak; which is kind of a nice thing about voice actors, as they can replace others. Though, never will be the same as the original actor, sadly.

Ishizuka holds a certain place in several Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super, and Cowboy Bebop fans hearts. The Pokemon anime just won’t be the same without the original Professor Oak voice actor. It will be interesting to see where the anime ends up after losing one of its most iconic voice actors.


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