The famous DC superhero, Flash will be returning on the CW network as CW reveals the release date of Flash Season 5 and a lot more. Also, the lineup of shows is pretty big in case if you didn’t notice. Flash Season 5 is a much-awaited show in the line-up and fans are not surprised as we all know the dominance of the series over fans’ hearts.

The Flash Season 5

The Flash Season 5 release date
The Flash Season 5 Updates

Flash is always known for its epic action, over the top scenes and an incredible plot which has never failed to amaze fans and Flash Season 4 despite starting shaky, delivered what it does the best in the last few episodes. Flash Season 5 is not the only exceptional one in the line-up as other famous series has also been renewed and the list includes Black Lightning, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and the fan-favorite Arrow.

The Flash Season 5 Cast:

The Flash Season 5 release date
The Flash Season 5

The cast for the upcoming Flash Season 5 has also been confirmed, and it is a mixture of both old and new faces, as they’re coming together to create the fifth installment of the series. As usual, we have Jessica Parker Kennedy who is a regular face, and she will portray the character of Nora, the “Mystery Girl,” from future. The other cast members include Hartley Sawyer who’ll play as Ralph Dibny, Danielle Nicolet as Cecille Horton.

Tom Cavanagh will also be returning for the fifth season but, this time, he’ll return as a new face. In an interview with TV Guide, Todd Helbing said, “When I was up there shooting for the finale, Tom Cavanagh and I sat down and started talking about next season and a new character. I think we landed on one that’s pretty funny and unique, and I think it will give Tom a lot of meat to chew on.”

The Flash Season 5 Plot Details:

The main antagonist for the upcoming Flash Season 5 is still not revealed, however, the showrunner did reveal to fans that this time the baddie won’t be a speedster. In an interview with ComicBook, Todd said that Devoe was a fun character, and they also got a lot of benefits from his character and things could really spice up when they eliminate the factor of a speedster, so the upcoming fifth season won’t be having a speedster as its main villain.

Speculation of David Hersch as Cicada, being the main antagonist of Flash Season 5 is circulation on the internet and fans couldn’t just cast off the theory. However, the truth will become uncovered when the season actually drops on the CW Network.

The Flash Season 5 Release Date:

The fifth season of Flash will release on October 9, Tuesday, 2018.


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