For Dragon Ball fans, there is nothing more exciting right now than the most awaited Dragon Ball FighterZ game. Although it is nothing like the other popular games of the series, trailers stayed true to the things that added charm to the anime. This game is the most awaited game for DB right now and it has a good reason.

Dragon Ball FighterZ aims to emphasize what its predecessor games failed to realize. As kids growing up with Goku and the gang, fans are used to the edgy and intense animation. The past games of its kind tried to make the characters realistic, which reduces the essence of the series being something with an anime origin.

What is more interesting is that this game features a new character that is not from any other anime or manga. There is a new story mode and Arc System Works just dropped a helluva bomb trailer for us to see. The new villain, Android 21, clones the Z fighters and controls the clones like a horde of Zombies destroying cities that they can destroy.

The character will be using Goku for three arcs to find the truth and to stop who is behind the attack and cloning. As it turns out, the Z warriors fell unconscious at one time, then the zombies started their attacks. The player can save allies or get skills to fight against Android 21 and her clones. It is up to the player if he or she wanted more skills or more allies.

The trailer features revived characters like the Ginyu Forces. At one time, Nappa was seen kneeling before the revived Frieza. Even Frieza and Cell has learned to work together for whatever reason. And last but not the least, Goku seem to get a bad case of amnesia.

It is expected that things will get interesting turns because the clones have all the techniques of the original source. Therefore, Goku and the other warriors can fight the clones like the original source without holding back. And to top it all, it is a Dragon Ball Z storyline that has Dragon Ball Super forms available like the Super Saiyan Blue! This game will be awesome.