Several players have been looking for this long-sought mythical Pokemon ever since generation 2 came out. Well, they no longer need to search because it was finally released in the game a few days ago.

If you went to go fest, you probably already have one of these green fairy Pokemon. As they were able to complete the field research that allows players to encounter this rare Pokemon. If you have already completed the field research and have Celebi, does that mean you can get two of them?

Celebi  pokemon go

Yes, those who went to Pokemon GO Fest and already completed the tasks that allow you to encounter Celebi, are very much so able to get their hands on a second one; while many other players may not be thrilled to hear that others get two of them. The first Celebi was more of an event only Pokemon at the time.

How can you encounter Celebi?

Well, It’s a lot like how you encounter the Mythical Pokemon Mew. You have to complete six takes to encounter Celebi. There will be two more tasks you can complete after catching mew; this only help gives you more candy and extra rewards.

If you are new to the game or have yet to complete your field research to catch Mew; you won’t be able to work on the field researches for Celebi until after you complete the first ones for Mew. Keep in mind you cannot get rid of Mythical Pokemon. If you don’t have much storage to hold Pokemon, you will need to get rid of some pokemon to catch Mew or Celebi.

Niantic should or could be working on a solution that allows Mythical Pokemon to not count towards Pokemon storage. As you cannot get rid of them and not many will be using them for battling.

Should you walk them as your buddy Pokemon or use the rare candies you get on them. Honestly, don’t walk them. There are so many Pokemon that are much better and don’t take as long to walk so stick with the common 1, 3, 5 Kilometer buddy Pokemon. As far as rare candies go, they would be a much better source of collecting candies for Mythical Pokemon.


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