Admit it, Frieza is the most favorite villain of the Dragon Ball series. I bet you actually liked him at one point, and why not? He brings spice to the anime by being an unpredictable character. And he is also the politest villain you’ll ever encounter. Your mom will be happy to have a chat with him.

Ever since Bakaro Sako sported his customized soccer shoes in a game, fans can’t get enough of his collection.Who wouldn’t want that SSJ3 Vegeta printed in their flashy shoes? The power and the pride in this one are great.

Bakary Sako. remember the name. Or more specifically remember the boots.

To be fair you'd be hard pressed to forget them. Sport shoe customisers Orravan Designs, took the Crystal Palace winger's Nike Mercurial Superfly V boots and gave them a anime twist - kitting them out in a cool graphic from Japanese kid's cartoon, Dragon Ball Z. 

Football has now passed the days of all black affairs and flashy footballers wanting to bring their personality onto the pitch are looking for. Here are 10 more flashy  boots that are likely better than the one's you use in your Sunday league matches.

Because of this hype, Adidas will be making Dragon Ball Z inspired Yung 1 sneakers for all DBZ fans out there. There will be 7 pairs of shoes inspired by 7 DBZ characters and it is expected to be released in Fall 2018. Some rumored characters include Yajirobe, Mr. Popo, and Mr. Satan. But the first shoes that were leaked is the Frieza’themed pair.


It is expected that this collection will also have Goku and Vegeta’s designs. The only problem that I can see with these characters is their forms. It is kinda hard to choose what form would be the base of the design of their shoes.  As for our favorite villain, Frieza’s Golden Form would be another good design for his shoes. It is still not known if there will be a variation of Frieza’s Golden Form in the future, but I bet it would be awesome.