Black Clover season 1 is currently on its last arc; however, even if there will only be a few episodes remaining, the anime will still pack action. We have confirmed spoilers for Black Clover episode 41 to 44.

Black Clover Episode 41 – The Water Girl Grows Up (Chapter 58)

Black Clover Spoilers

In this episode, Noelle will be training with Asta to improve her Water Magic: Naga Cradle. As usual, Noelle has a lot of trouble controlling her magic. But Asta and Kahono, with the help of the other Black Bull members, will make her realize that she can do the task that was handed for her.

Black Clover Episode 42 – The Underwater Temple (Chapter 59)

The journey to the Water Temple begins. Asta and the rest of the Black Bulls will be riding inside Noelle’s water magic. With the help of Asta’s Anti-Magic (and Yami’s powerful throw), the mana surrounding the town was erased. In this water temple, they will need to defeat the Priest to get the magic stone. A battle royale will soon take place.

Black Clover Episode 43 – Temple Battle Royale (Chapter 61)

Black Clover Spoilers

The battle royale begins with the Black Bulls overwhelming the Water Knights that the Priest called. Charmy was out when she was hit by sleep magic. The Black Bulls are doing well, and the other Water Knights are taken down already. Surprisingly, Kahono and her brother, Kiato, are residents of the Water Temple.

Luck and Magna is trying to take down a powerful enemy of the Water Knights. When all of a sudden, a familiar enemy appeared. Vetto from the Eye of the Midnight Sun seemed to take the Magic Stone. An all-out battle will be ignited, what will Luck and Magna do?

Black Clover Episode 44 – A Game with Lives at the Stake (Chapter 63)

In this episode, we will see how Magna and Luck have become the best of friends in the Black Bulls. The two will fight against Vetto, who is way over their league. They combined their best attacks, however, the excess mana from Vetto’s body acts as a shield. Before Vetto can kill the two, Asta and Kiato will arrive to save them.


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