There’s a lot of things that can happen in Black Clover chapter 176. There’s a lot of points in the story where the chapters can resume and therefore, a lot of stones left unturned. However, it seems like we will resume on Nozel and Noelle’s fight against the Compass Magic user.

At the beginning of the series, the two who always get the short straw was Noelle and Asta. Both of them have seen some improvements and has grown in their own terms. Noelle cannot even control her magic before, always missing her target and always can only use defensive spells.

That seems to be not the case anymore in Black Clover chapter 176. With Mana skin, Noelle can stay and not be affected by the Compass Magic. The best thing that they can do right now is to use their magic most efficiently. Since Mercury is denser than water, Nozelle must take the offensive and Noelle might take the defensive. And it is also because Noelle’s defensive spells are actually strong too.

The battle between the Silvas and the Compass Magic user might take a while. Both Noelle and Nozel are straight up magic users that rely on their power. All of their attacks will get wasted as the Compass Magic-user can redirect their attacks to somewhere else. The more that they attack, the more they will be in disadvantage because they’re wasting Mana. However, they can’t also just stand there as defensive magic spells use a lot of mana too.

This might all boil down to the other member of the team who uses trickery to win. I am not talking about the other Silva; I am talking about Zora of the Black Bulls. His trap magic can be proven useful as long as it is used in the right way at the right time and place. His magic was already proven to counter even the combined forces of the elves. Although it would be hard for them to convince him of joining the fight. It is not even mentioned if he’s still there in the house of Silva.

And that’s it for Black Clover Chapter 176. Stay tuned for more Black Clover updates, here at OtakuKart.


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