Black Clover Chapter 172 – Fuegoleon’s Comeback

Black Clover Chapter 172

Fuegoleon’s arrival with Salamander was unexpected last chapter, and it was all celebrated by fans. This week, there’s a lot of possible things that can happen in Black Clover chapter 172. In this article, I will try to elaborate on where the story could be resumed in the next chapter. Hopefully, we can see more of Fuegoleon’s new power using Salamander.

Black Clover Chapter 172 – The New Salamander

Right now, everyone wants to know how powerful the Crimson Lion Captain is with his newfound partner, Salamander. For some reason, the Salamander was separated with Fana, and it chose Fuegoleon as its partner. With Fuegoleon’s combat experience and the fact that he is even more powerful than before, Elf-Randall might actually bite the dust.

Black Clover Chapter 172

Of course, it is still not proven if defeating an elf will restore the human vessel. The humans who were freed from the Reincarnation spell were either stabbed by Asta’s new sword or waking up on their own. It will be a difficult transition for Fuegoleon because this is his first time fighting with Salamander, but it might be enough to beat Elf-Randall.

Asta And The Other Black Bulls Members

This is also a good time to know what Asta and the rest of the gang have been doing. It can be remembered that they managed to acquire the help of Rades and his gang which made it easier for them to move. By the time that they arrived, Fuegoleon has been revived, Gueldre and Revichi escaped, and Yami was fighting Charlotte.

Yami VS Charlotte Continues

Speaking of Elf Charlotte, nobody knows if Yami managed to tail Elf-Charlotte, wherever she is. But their fight isn’t over yet, and it seems like this could drag on for a little longer; this will be very embarrassing for Charlotte once she wakes up.

Black Clover Chapter 172

Nozelle And Co. / Yuno / Licht And Co. Whereabouts

There’s a lot of people here. Nozelle and the rest of those people who were with him are still nowhere to be found even though they were the first ones who went to the capital. Yuno is also still missing despite departing a few chapters ago. Licht and the rest of the Elves are somewhere in the Royal Capital and who knows what are they doing.

Once all these characters meet at the center of the Royal Capital, things would really get lit; this might still not happen in Black Clover chapter 172, but this is expected to be the climax of this arc (and maybe the beginning of the series’ end).


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