Shingeki No Kyojin Season 3 Episode 7 – Another Titan Appears


A lot of things will explode in Shingeki No Kyojin Season 3 Episode 7. Among these things are rolling barrels,  the whole place itself, and Eren’s forehead. But the brightest of them all is the new Titan that will appear in this episode, one that is said to be bigger than the Colossus Titan itself.

Shingeki No Kyojin Season 3 Episode 7 – Rod Reiss And Historia

Rod Reiss is giving all his best to exploit Historia’s weakness. All that she ever wanted is to belong with a family. Now that her father is on her life once again, it seems like this is what Historia only need. Rod Reiss is saying every vital thing to Historia while Eren is listening. He will tell that the Reiss Family is the only family that can use the Founding Titan’s power. And one of the powers of this titan form is controlling the Titans, along with erasing the memory of the majority of people living inside the walls.

Meanwhile, the Survey Corps infiltrated the underground chapel by using the smoke of the gas attached in the barrels. The barrel itself contains oil that Sasha shoots with a fire arrow to explode. Hange was caught off-guard by the Interior Police’s second in command and was severely injured. To make sure that things will still go as planned, Levi entrusted Hange to Armin, and the rest of them went on a chase for the MP’s direction.

A New Titan Appears

Kenny appeared, and he revealed that his true intention is to eat Eren and make the Founding Titan’s power his own. When the truth that only Reiss Family members can use the Founding Titan power, he was enraged, and he threatened to kill Rod. Historia tried to defend her father, but Kenny told her how she is being manipulated by Rod and that he doesn’t care for her at all. Rod just needs Historia because he doesn’t want to turn himself into a Titan.

In the end, Kenny decided that if things will not go his way, then it is better if he will at least make things more interested. He released the gag on Eren’s mouth, drew a large incision on Eren’s forehead so he can transform and fight Historia. But he never did.

With the help of Ymir’s and Frieda’s flashback, Historia rejected his father’s orders and crashed the serum to the floor. While she’s at it, she also introduced his father into the ground. While she’s busy trying to free Eren, Rod crawled into the broken syringe and licked the liquid. He then turned into a giant titan, with his transformation making the whole place collapse. How will they fight this new Titan? We will know more in Shingeki No Kyojin season 3 episode 7.


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