Attack On Titan Episode 44 – The Truth About Kenny Ackerman

Attack On Titan Episode 44

The Survey Corps will be fighting against the Interior Squad in Attack On Titan Episode 44. Also, someone from the Survey Corps might be nearer to death than usual in this episode. Ast things get more intense, with the help of Kenny Ackerman, Historia will finally see what’s really going on.

Attack On Titan Episode 44 – Hange Is In Danger?

Hange and Armin, being the brains of the group, managed to devise a strategy that will make their swords and 3D Maneuver Gears advantageous against their battle with the Interior Police. First, they put wooden wheels to barrels that are filled with oil. Second is they attached Gas Canisters and leaving it open while letting the barrel roll down the stairs. And last but not the least, the scouts will aim for the back of the enemy in an exploit of the MP gear’s design flaw.

However, during the assault, and being a little confident that they got the upper hand of the situation, Hange tried to get the Vice Captain if the MPs. She never succeeded, and in the middle of the battle, she let herself be caught off guard by the MP Vice Captain. Hange was incapacitated with what it seems like a life-threatening injury.

Attack On Titan Episode 44

Having no choice, the remaining scouts move further into the MP’s direction. They need to eliminate them no matter what happens, or they will be eliminated. Just as when they seem to catch up, a bright light engulfed the whole place. This means a titan shifter transformed into a titan form, but who would that be?

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 7

Meanwhile, Rod Reiss is still manipulating Historia to eat Eren and get the Founding Titan. Rod will reveal that the power of the Founding Titan can only be used by the members of the Royal Family. If Historia eats Eren, she will be able to use the Founding Titan’s power, but she will be under the will of the first king.

Attack On Titan Episode 44

When Kenny heard the revelation, he revealed himself and said that there’s really no point of him eating Eren. It is revealed that Kenny wants the Founding Titan power too. He accused Rod that he was using him all this time and put the barrel of his gun in Rod’s mouth. While Historia tries to save his father, Kenny said a lot of things that made Historia finally realize some of Rod’s manipulations.

Because he can no longer make use of the Founding Titan’s power, Kenny decided to make the ending interesting, at least for him. He removed Eren’s gag and drew a long scar on Eren’s forehead so that he can transform to fight Historia. Will Historia take the serum and fight Eren? We will know more in Attack On Titan Episode 44.


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