Attack on Titan Chapter 106 was very interesting, and I think it was another solid chapter delivered to us, thanks to Hajime Isayama. Most of the chapter focused on what happened during the timeskip at Paradis Island. We saw how they were able to progress so much in so little time. Basically, it was forces that the Marleyans sent to Paradis that turned on them and supplied them with all the information along with the knowledge on the weaponry. Eren was ready to go to war with the Marleyans. However, Armin wanted to take a different approach and talk to them first. Even Mikasa wanted the same. But Eren was dead set on War. After three years, Eren decided to act alone and thus we saw what happened later on.

Attack on Titan 107 Spoilers

Attack on Titan 107

It seems Armin and Eren really are going there separate ways. Armin blames Eren for Sasha’s death, and rightly so. He acted alone. Eren didn’t even listen to the advice of his friends. At that point, it was either follow him, or abandon him. So majority just followed him to his suicidal plan. They didn’t get what they wanted. But, they also lost a lot that day. Thankfully, Zeke is still with them, so I think they’ll still have the upper hand over Marley. In the next chapter, I think we’ll see the Marleyans trying to invade Paradis once again. That certainly seems like a possibility to me. I think we’ll get more development on both Eren and Armin’s differences.

Shingeki no Kyojin 107

Attack on Titan 107 Spoilers Suggest A Fall Out Between Armin And Eren

From here on out, I think both Eren and Armin will grow further apart. We might get to see Paradis get divided now. One half would be led by Eren and the rebels, while the other would be led by Armin. However, that certainly means the war with Marley will be compromised. I don’t know if Eren will fight Armin, but I know things will get heated on from here between the two. Attack on Titan 107 will release next month’s first Jump Issue.


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