Raintree County Filming Locations and Storyline

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Raintree county's filming
Raintree County

Many movies come, many movies go, but some make a place in our hearts forever. One of these evergreen movies is Raintree County. There might be many questions in your mind related to this film, like what is the outline of the movie, where are the filming locations of Raintree County, the cast and crew of the movie, and much more. Here we shall quench your thirst for the answers to all your questions. In short, the movie depicts the American civil war, during which a small-town teacher marries a beautiful girl. However, they couldn’t sustain themselves together because of her mental instabilities. The history of the world contains so many untold stories. The wars and trades occurring in the past weren’t deprived of love life or family life.

The movie has gained loads of success, but the budget of the movie also went high due to the troubles faced by the main actors. This film achieved nominations for four Academy Awards for Best Actress, Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best Costume Design, and Best Score. Also, the film earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actor-Motion Picture in Golden Globe Awards and many nominations four Laurel Awards, including 5th place for Top Male Supporting Performance. This is quite an old movie, but people still remember the beauty and grace of the movie and the actors with wonderful getups in the movie.

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The Storyline of Raintree County

Raintree County is an old love story of the civil war’s time of 1859. John Wickliff Shawnessey is the main character of the movie who is a resident of Raintree County, Indiana. He ditched his high school love, Nell Gaither, because of Susanna Drake, a rich New Orleans girl. Susanna then, one fine day, came back to Indiana and told John that she was pregnant with his baby. John Shawnessy was a good person. Thus, he married Susanna without considering Nell’s heart. Then they went to visit Susanna’s family, but there John came to know that Susanna’s mother died in a fire after going insane, along with her father and Henrietta, a slave. Susanna suspects that Henrietta is her actual biological mother, and gradually she appears to be suffering from mental illness. She told John that she faked pregnancy to marry him.

Raintree County’s scene

Unable to fit in with Susanna’s family, they went back to Raintree County, and now he works as a teacher. They also had a child Jimmy. During the war, Susanna, because of her paranoia and delusions, flees Indiana with Jimmy. John wanted to find her and get his son back and so enlisted in the Union army, hoping to encounter them. After so many fights, he finally finds Jimmy and learns that Susanna was placed in a mental asylum. He brings Susanna and Jimmy back to Raintree County. After the war, Nell and John were discussing his future, and Susanna recognizes that they still love each other and thus sacrificed herself entering the swamp to find the legendary raintree followed by Jimmy. John and Nell, however, found Jimmy alive carried him out, although they failed to watch the rain tree glowing wonderfully in the sunlight.

Raintree County Filming locations

It is a movie with so many beautiful scenes and locations. Various places in the USA were included in its shooting. The filming locations of Raintree County were namely Dunleith and Elms Court antebellum mansions and Windsor Ruins in Natchez, Mississippi. Two other locations in Kentucky, settings in and around Danville, and the Liberty hall historic site on Wilkinson Street in Frankfort. Other locations include Reelfoot Lake in northwestern Tennessee near the Kentucky border, McCracken County, Rockport in Indiana, New Orleans in Louisiana, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor studios in Culver City, California.

Raintree County filming location

Outline of the Raintree County

The world-famous movie with a very famous team includes many popular personalities. The director and producer of Raintree County are Edward Dmytryk and David Lewis, respectively. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer distributed the Raintree County. Raintree County was released on 2nd October 1957 at the Brown Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky. Raintree County was widely released in the United States in December 1957. This movie is basically an epic historical film of the romantic genre. Raintree County is based on the 1948 novel of the same name by Ross Lockridge Jr.

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