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‘Racket Boys’ Unveils New Teaser Poster, Stills, and Videos

What is the release date of Racket Boys Episode 14
Promotional teaser poster for the Racket Boys (Credit: SBS)

As the premiere of Racket Boys is nearing, the production team is releasing more new posters, stills and teasers. Recently, they released one such group teaser poster. The posters and teasers definitely look promising and colourful. Racket Boys will explore a group of boys passionate about badminton. However, they belong to a rural village wherein they do not get many development opportunities. The series will portray their journey for participating in the badminton competition at the national level. Racket Boys will also feature the hurdles and obstacles one has to grow through for achieving their dream while learning to play and grow as a team.

Furthermore, the production team is expecting the series will bring colour and hope to the life of everyone in such hard times wherein pandemic is going on in the whole world. Racket Boys, the release date is May 31, at 22:00 K.S.T at SBS TV. The series will consist of sixteen episodes like any other Korean dramas. Racket Boys is expected to end on 20th July 2021, if it airs according to the schedule without facing any delays. The show is an original creation and not adaptions of any web series or novels. Now, let’s know in details about the newly released teaser poster and other details of Racket Boys.

Racket Boys released a New Teaser Poster

Racket Boys unveiled and released a new teaser poster on May 18, 2021, in the morning. It is their third teaser poster. The release of many stills of the characters and three teaser videos already took place until now. Racket Boys new teaser poster features the four main characters, Yoon Hae Kang, Lee Yong Tae, Bang Yoon Dam, and Na Woo Chan, together. They are Haenam Seo Middle School ragtag badminton team’s four players.

Racket Boys New Poster Script Reading

A still of the Script Reading for Racket Boys (Credit: SBS)

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In the new poster, the four members are standing under a clear sky. They are wearing the same coloured team T-shirt. All of them are smiling and look very happy. Two of the boys are holding badminton rackets in their hand. Their T-shirt is white with a logo on the top left side. The shirt also had a dark blue, red, and blue colour. At the bottom of the poster, the date and premiering channel of the drama is written.

Racket Boys drops 3rd Teaser Video

The Racket Boys dropped and released the third teaser video on May 17, 2021, in the morning. The teaser video is of thirty seconds and starts with some flashbacks. A school and a background get portrayed. Then, we see Grandmother Oh Mae scolding coach Yoon Hyung Jong about something. Oh Na Ra is whistling as the coach showing off her charismatic vibes. Moreover, the boys are practising in the badminton court of the school. We also see the four members eating together while discussing something. Furthermore, the coach also gives a lecture to the four boys of the badminton team. They are practising hard and even the girls. The teaser ends with the show name along with the airing date for the same.

Racket Boys drops New Stills for Oh Na Ra

Racket Boys released new stills for Oh Na Ra on May 13, 2021. She is playing the role of Ra Yeong-Ja, a coach of the girl’s badminton team in the new upcoming series. Ra Yeong-Ja is the badminton’s world living legend that is the inspiration of many youths. She is the badminton courts politics and strategies master. There is a strong charisma and aura present around her that makes her quite feared among many students. In the new stills, she gets seen guiding the new students. At one still, it seems she is scolding someone.

Racket Boys New Group Poster

Racket Boys drops a new group poster of the leading cast on May 12, 2021. In the group poster, the eight leading cast are standing side by side. The background of the poster is the school. All the cast members have a smile on their face in the group poster. The poster looks quite lovely and colourful. It seems that small colourful balloons are falling from the sky in the group poster. The poster also had the name of the series.

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