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Spoilers & Preview: Racket Boys Episode 11

Racket Boys Episode 11 Release Date
Official teaser poster for the Racket Boys (credit: SBS)

Racket Boys Episode 11 is inching closer as the show is nearing its end this month. Furthermore, the series is maintaining the top position in its rating across in that time slow. The ratings for the episodes are increasing with the airing of a new one. But, what turning will the ending take? “Racket Boys” is giving a good story so far despite it facing backlashes last month. The upcoming episode will be more interesting as we will learn more about Coach Bae and White Wolf. Furthermore, what decision will Hae Kang make? Will he get back to play badminton or choose volleyball? The present article is all about Racket Boys Episode 11 release date and preview.

The drama’s last episode shows all about fatherly love and the importance of friends. But, the boys are yet to prepare for more battles that are coming to them in the upcoming episode. Can the schools get their reputation back and good finance with the new good badminton team. Furthermore, the characters have to solve their own internal problems. What will happen to the relationship between Hae Kang and Han Se-Yoon? Will they confess their feelings or not?

Racket Boys Episode 10: A Glimpse Into The Episode

Racket Boys Episode 10 came with a big revelation as to the White Wolf and Coach Bae. Well, his reputation precedes him as evil and beating students. However, it is not known if that is the actual story or not. On the other hand, Coach Hyeon-Jong also has to think about his future as a father and parent. He could no longer put himself as a coach before his son. Furthermore, Hae-Kang suffers from an eye injury that is beginning to serve as a hindrance to him. The doctor recommended Hae-Kang complete two-week rest, and he cannot play now.

Racket Boys Episode 11 Release Date

Leading cast Tang Joon-sang, Lee Jae-in, Kim Kang-hoon, Lee Ji-won, Choi Hyun-Wook, and Sun Sang-Yeon (Credit: SBS)

Hae-Kang’s parents begin to think about their son. However, they are facing financial problems. They require a loan too. Furthermore, the family is discussing moving to Seoul again. The Boys came to visit Hae Kang. However, Coach Hyeon-Jeong gets angry at them, thinking they came to invite him back to play. But, they came to hang out with Hae Kang. The coach also wants to speak with Hae-Kang about his dreams and everything else.

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Racket Boys Episode 11 Release Date

Racket Boys Episode 11 release date is July 5, 2021, at 22:00 KST on SBS TV. Hence, episode 11 is coming on the Monday of the upcoming week. The following week sees the release of episode 11 and episode 12 of Racket Boys. After that, only four more episodes will be left for the Racket Boys’ completion.

Racket Boys Episode 11 Preview

Racket Boys Episode 11 has a short preview of 11 seconds. The next episode will reveal more about Coach Bae as the White Wolf. We saw in the last episode how everyone came to know about him. In the preview, it shows coach Yoon Hyeon-jong asking someone if the rumors regarding Coach Bae are true or not? Does that person know about the White Wolf? I think he is asking the headmaster of the school. Because in the next instance, the headmaster says in the preview that there is a reason why people do not talk about the same.

The preview also shows Coach Bae drinking somewhere alone, and he seems sad. Coach Hyeon-Jong goes to Mr. No’s shop and wants to buy something for the kids saying it is for them. I guess he wants to give them some sports stuff. The Boy group and the girl are trying to please Yoon Hae-in by showing her something fun, as we see in the preview. Hae-in asks them how is one supposed to show love and what is love? The preview depicts how Park Chan comes to them while they are coming out from practice.

Lee Yong-Tae asks him excitedly why he is here and is he here for Han Se-Yoon. Chan gives a smile. Furthermore, Se-Yoon says it is not like that and not to speak nonsense. Chan says Han Se Yol is saying the right thing. Everyone laughs and begins to tease while hearing the same. There is also an upcoming match for the boys for which they are preparing intensely.

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