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‘Queens Of All Seasons’ – Red Velvet Bares It All In A New Interview With SHINee’s Minho

Red Velvet - Queens of all Seasons! Cr: SM Entertainment

Fans are overjoyed! Red Velvet is finally back. They were supposed to make their comeback in early March, but since Red Velvet’s members, Irene, Joy, and Yeri were tested positive for COVID-19, the comeback was postponed. And with this postponement, the hearts of Red Velvet’s fans broke collectively!

But the Red Velvet Fanclub is more than happy now since Red Velvet has made its official comeback! On March 21, 2022, Red Velvet finally released their new album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm” and held a new and exclusive interview in which they shared their hope, dreams, and expectations for their new album. Did we mention that this interview was held with SHINee’s Minho as the interviewer? Our hearts are all aflutter with this new development.


Red Velvet’s Joy. Cr: SM entertainment

Red Velvet Show Off Their New Side

Red Velvet, with their new comeback, has made a huge statement and with it, comes a new moniker for them – the irresistible “Summer Queens”! But as the seasons progress they are more than happy to steal the moniker and titles of being and “Spring Queens” as well. Along with that, they can steal our hearts as well! Red Velvet’s Irene comments that she is very glad and excited to show the Luvies a new side of Red Velvet that no one has ever seen before. She also adds that she is eagerly awaiting that she can finally meet her new fans as well!

Irene continues to state that the concept behind the new album was to amalgamate the seasons of spring and winter together. While the warmth of spring thaws our hearts, the coldness of winter can be beautifully contrasted against each other.

Building off this flawless logic, it can be seen that Wendy has a few things to share as well. She goes on to say that during the sweltering summers, one is naturally drawn to exciting and flashy things, which was the inspiration behind releasing “Red Flavour.” But on the other hand, it can be noted that during the spring season, the senses are stimulated and we rely on them in order to absorb the beauty of the season. So, for the spring season, the visuals are constantly reminding you of the fresh scents, sights, and views. The visuals of the music video will feel as if there are blossoming flowers in the air as well.

Red Velvet Festival 2022

The album’s main topic is an imaginary holiday, and “Feel My Rhythm” marks the start of Red Velvet’s new “The ReVe Festival 2022” initiative. “Feel My Rhythm” received 516,866 stock pre-orders (as of March 20 KST) even before the album’s release, a new high for the band.

Noting and addressing the success of their initiative, Red Velvet’s Selugi remarks that she woke up in a happy mood since she is looking forward to creating new and happy memories with all her fans. Red Velvet will be celebrating its eighth debut anniversary this year, and we cannot believe that such a long time has already passed! Selugi stated that since Red Velvet is so innovative with its concepts, they are constantly giving people something to look forward to on a consistent basis. There is never a boring day whenever Red Velvet comes up with a new idea for their albums as well.


Red Velvet – Summer Queens. Cr: SM Entertainment

Red Velvet – Queens of All Seasons

Red Velvet’s Wendy was seen commenting that she loves spring. Who doesn’t? There is something simply beautiful when it comes to spring, as she is on the constant hunt and lookout for new ideas, carols, and songs that match the uplifting mood of spring. She adds that since she adores spring, she desires to be the queen of spring as well. But then Joy builds this conversation and takes it to the next level, where they are all set to make various other comebacks this year, in 2022, so they wish to become “queens of all seasons.”

While we are sitting on the edge of our seats, you can calm your fluttering heart by watching their music video for their anticipated comeback here!

Irene (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet’s Irene. Cr: SM Entertainment

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