Queen Of The South Season 3 Episode 13: El Mundo

In this post, we are going to talk about the American crime drama thriller television series Queen of the South season 3 episode 13 release date, spoilers, and where to watch. The show premiered on 23 June 2016. The show centers on Teresa, who used to live in Spain with his drug-peddler boyfriend. But his boyfriend was killed by a drug lord, and she had to leave Spain to survive. She now wants to run a drug cartel to become a drug lord to avenge his boyfriend’s death.

Queen Of The South Season 3 Episode 13: El Mundo Release Date

The third season is twelve episodes deep, and the thirteenth episode will be broadcasted this week. The thirteenth episode of Queen Of The South season 3 is all set to release on 13 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on USA Network every Thursday. The season is supposed to conclude with the thirteenth episode.

Queen Of The South Season 3 Episode 13: El Mundo

Queen Of The South Season 2 Episode 13: El Mundo Spoilers, Where To Watch

The show has sought peaks and valleys this season, as so many twists and turns have made the story worth watching. In the last episode, we saw that Teresa is tensed about the supplier problem. She needs a new supplier, and Camila tells she will introduce her to a supplier if Teresa kills Cortez and frees her daughter. Teresa warned Camila that if this is a trap, she will kill her.

Cortez had a drink with a girl, and the moment she leaves, Cortez finds it difficult to breathe. Then the doctor comes to see him, and he finds out that he has been poisoned. He asked everyone in his house and also killed one of his soldiers. At the end of the episode, Cortez and Teresa agree to share the same supplier, and they divide the territory. That is really a happy ending to the last episode!

In the upcoming episode, we might see that Teresa is attacked by someone. And we all know, Teresa would not let that complete there, she will take revenge. That is what we will see in the conclusion episode too, but in a bold way through. She will make a move that will not just take revenge, but she will all conquer the drug cartel and seize the throne!

The show is broadcasted on USA Network channel every Thursday on 9/8c PM. Also, USA app and other online portals provide a streaming service where you can watch the show at the designated time!

You cannot download Queen Of The South Season 3 Episode 13 anywhere online.

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