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Quackity Net Worth: How Rich is The YouTube Star?


Today’s article will focus on Quackity’s Net Worth. Quackity, whose real name is Alexis, is a renowned YouTube Content creator. He is famous for his YouTube Channel Quackity. When 20-year old kid trends on social media, be it for few minutes, you have to check him out! On social media, the audience looks for valuable content which helps them or entertains them. If a content creator is not posting either of them, then don’t expect your channel to grow much. The only possibility for your YouTube channel to boost just by showing your face is if you are a world-famous celebrity. Quackity started posting videos on YouTube in the year 2013. He posts videos mostly related to Minecraft and Roblox. Alex is a Gamer, YouTuber, and content creator. His unique style of showing the gameplays is what made him so famous on social media. 

Alexis was only 12-years old before he started his journey on YouTube. No one could have imagined for Alexis to reach such levels of success. His fans know him by the name of Quackity. Quackity has made tons of videos. The way he presents the Minecraft gameplay highlights in comedic ways makes his channel look different! He even makes other types of videos for his fans to enjoy, like the ones Carryminati makes. Just less vulgar and trolling. He often highlights his fan’s comments and talks about them, like on YouTube Live, Instagram Live. For a young kid like him, he has beautiful public speaking abilities. Quackity is a pro-gamer, streamer, and powerful content creator. The way he demonstrates his gaming content is one of the biggest reasons why fans love him. Let’s talk more about Quackity Net Worth and his personal life.

Quackity Net Worth

Quackity-Love or Host!

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What is Quackity Net Worth?

Quackity is estimated to have a net worth of around $1-2 Million! In 2012, he was small, but his dreams were huge. Alex became Quackity in 2012, and since then, he has never looked back again. Today he is known by the name of Quackity by almost 6 million subscribers. Quackity has over 400 million views on his channel.

Alexis is one of the most trending YouTubers around. Most of Alex’s videos cross 1 million views with ease. Quackity’s video on Discord’s Got Talent is the most viewed video to date. Discord’s Got Talent has 25 Million viewsThat video featured other huge streamers like KSI and Mr.Beast. Quackity is very famous on social media. He has over 600k followers on Instagram and 800k followers on Twitch. This increases Quackity Net Worth even more. Earning through social media has become very common these days.

Quackity’s humor has earned him a lot of fame and name. But there have been times when the Mexican got himself into trouble due to his silly errors and jokes. Quackity got banned from Twitch when he called a strip club instead of the Canadian Customer. In 2018, he got suspended from Twitter for some unknown reasons. In the same year, Discord banned Quackity. Quackity asked his followers to use the hashtag #DiscordUnbanQuackity while on Twitter. This Hashtag was trending worldwide for quite some time!

The primary source of Quackity’s income comes from his YouTube videos, Twitch streams, and social media posts. After getting 600k subscribers, Alexis earned six silver play buttons from YouTube. Quackity started his career as a humorous Youtuber and will keep on working like that. He won’t stop having fun or making fun no matter how many times he gets suspended!


Typical Quackity!!

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Personal Life:

Every Youtuber seems to stay discreet when it comes to their personal life. Like their education, their girlfriends, some are secretive even with their locations! Quackity comes into one of them! This is like some agenda for all the famous YouTubers! But we do have some information about our favorite Youtuber. Quackity, also known as Alex, was born in Mexico in 2000. The 21-year old Mexican has a brother named Roblox, and he also has a huge YouTube channel. Alex is a law student. Alex is yet to disclose much about his romantic life! We have no idea if he is dating someone or not. What Quackity has taught us is that whatever happens, never stop “raiding” your dreams!! He chased his dreams, and today he has become from some Alex to The Quackity.

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