QB1 Season 3: Release Details

In this post, we are going to talk about QB1 season 3 release date and everything available on the cyberspace. Before we even start talking, I would like to clarify that QB1 has a limited amount of information when it comes to any news! Not even a Wikipedia page, which makes it hard to decide anything. Nevertheless, we are here to provide all the known information about the next season.

As we know, the first season was released in February of 2017, and the first season concluded in April 2017. Afterward, the show was picked for the second season, having a release date in February of 2018. The second season concluded in April of 2018, which got a good response from the fans.

There is no news of the show ever since the second season concluded. However, the show has been regular, and we can expect that the show will continue to be the same. Releasing both the seasons in February of consecutive years made it more punctual. It would be interesting to see whether they keep the streak of break it, as we are too close to February and there is no detail available about the third season.

Go90 is the primary network of the show, but the show is also available on Netflix. Many fans must have binge-watched the show, and then they must be wondering about the next season. There is no news of renewal, but there is no news of cancellation too! IMDb page is still showing it running, which means that the show might return soon!

Additionally, the first and the second seasons had ten episodes each, and it indicates that the next season might also have the same number of episodes if released of course! For now, we have no other way but to wait for February to finish, as the show would not like to break its punctuality!

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