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Purple Kiss Comeback: Writing Their Own Songs & Future Plans

purple kiss comeback

Songwriting is definitely not an easy task. And when it is the song for an artist making their debut, there are no chances for risks. As many Kpop idols debut every year, from the song to their choreographies, everything is taken care of. But it wasn’t the same for “Purple Kiss,” as the girls decided to step into the studio to not just write. But compose and choreograph their own songs for their comeback. “Purple Kiss” is the rookie girl group that made its debut in early 2021 under RWB Entertainment. Being the direct juniors to Kpop legends, MAMAMO, Purple Kiss has been doing some magic, self-producing their own songs for the comeback.

The seven-member rookie group made their comeback in late August. Revealing the tracklist for their second mini-album ‘HIDE & SEEK,’ the band also revealed the concept for the album. They will be mixing the cherry doll theme with a bit of darkness along with their ‘purple kiss’ charm. The group consists of Park Ji-eun, Nago-eun, Dosie, Ire, Yuki, Chaein, and Suan. For the group debuting at a time when they can’t perform in front of a live audience and have limited public interaction, Purple Kiss has been doing a great job and is maintaining a growing fanbase. On their 100th day after their debut, they revealed their fandom name is “Plory”.

purple kiss comeback

Purple Kiss Members

The tracklist for “HIDE & SEEK”

There are five songs on the mini-album, all of them co-written or co-composed by “Purple Kiss” members themselves. The tracklist contains:

  • Zombie
  • 2AM
  • Cast pearls before swine
  • So WhY
  • Twinkle
  • ZzZz

“Purple Kiss” Loves To Write Their Own Songs

For the production of the album, a highly talented team was set up in the studio to help the members of Purple Kiss. The team included artists like Seo Yong-bae, Lee Hu-sang, Lee Sang-ho, Davve, Minky of the RBW division, and MosPick. In their interviews, the members went on to reveal that they have been in the studio throughout the production of the album, including the songwriting and composing time. They had some really talented people in the studio helping them. Yuki wrote the lead single “Zombie” with the help of Kim Do-hoon and Kang Ji-won, along with Onewe’s Kia and rapper Basick. While Chaein has written and composed “So WhY” all by herself, Yuki is one of the members who has been listed as a songwriter on all the songs. While for “2am” all the members spent their time and wrote the song together.

purple kiss comeback

Purple Kiss

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The Thoughts Behind The Songs

Talking about their new single “Zombie” for the comeback, the members of “Purple Kiss” revealed that it had been written as the continuation of their debut. With their debut song, ‘Ponzona,’ they wanted their fans to fall for their charm. And with “Zombie,” they want to keep on maintaining that charm. Writing “2am” together, the members revealed that they all have just written the things they want to tell their fans when nobody’s up and people are in their vulnerable states.

Chaein also revealed that working directly with the CEO has helped her gain confidence in composing. And she will be working on more of her self-produced work along with the “Purple Kiss” stuff. Being a Japanese and most involved member Yuki, she revealed it is a bit hard for her to write lyrics in Korean. But she studies hard and tries to broaden her vocab through Kdramas and movies.

What Are The Plans For “Purple Kiss” After Their Comeback?

Now, after the comeback, “Purple Kiss” will be preparing for the live shows. The group has already started performing their lead single on the stage of various variety shows. As the live concerts are in talks to open, they will be getting ready for that too and interact with fans. Wanting to show more of their potential, the group is planning something to do on their Youtube channel. But that is a secret for now. They have also been talking to their seniors like Hwasa and Solar, asking them to grow more.

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