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Puncch Beat Season 2: How To Watch It?

Puncch Beat Season 2 Preview, Release Date, Cast and Everything
From The Official Trailer Of Puncch Beat Season 2 Featuring Priyank Sharma as Rahat

Puncch Beat is here to take another shot this year. Yes, last year, the show turned out to be an unexpected success for AltBalaji. The youth definitely embraced the series created and written by Vikas Gupta. Now keeping the audience tuned, Vikas Gupta brings the show back in the form of Puncch Beat Season 2. Unlike the first season, the new season teases to take the show more on the mysterious side of things. You might have seen the competitive side last year. See the dark side of Rosewood High this year.

Puncch Beat tells the story of the students at Rosewood High. A university where Boxing and Dancing hold a huge stature. So every year, apart from scoring in your academics, these two art forms are something every student at the university is chasing. Amidst these competitions, they fall for each other and mess up their friendships towards the end of the first season. Now Puncch Beat Season 2 might hold the answer if they are patching up and if yes, what’s the next hurdle coming in. Let’s find out.

Puncch Beat Season 2 Release Date And How To Watch?

Puncch Beat Season 2 has already been released on 27th June 2021. The entire season along with the first one is available to stream on ALTBalaji.  Alt Balaji has dropped all the 13 episodes together. Each episode runs for 20-25 minutes. So if you are looking forward to binge-watching Puncch Beat Season 2, here is the cue for this week. For international viewers, AltBalaji is spread across 70 international nations. Still, if it’s not available in yours, you can watch the series by opting to use a VPN.

Puncch Beat Season 2 Release Date

From The Official Trailer Of Puncch Beat Season 2 Featuring Siddharth Sharma as Ranbir and Khushi Joshi as Padmini

To watch Puncch Beat, first of all, you need, is an AltBalaji account. You can simply visit the site of the OTT or download the app and sign up for it. Then you have to choose from the three plans AltBalaji offers you, which may include OTT’s content along with Puncch Beat’s both seasons. The first plan is a three-month plan coming for around Rs. 100, which can also be paid monthly for Rs.34. The second is a six-month plan coming for around Rs.180, which can also be paid monthly for Rs.30. Lastly, the yearly plan costs around Rs.300, which can be paid monthly for Rs.25. All the plans have the same benefits of streaming in HD and on over five different devices. The first season of Puncch Beat is available free on MX Player as well.

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Puncch Beat Season 2 Plot- What To Expect This Season?

Puncch Beat Season 2 is picking up the story where it left off last year. The second season teases to be darker, bidding farewell to the little light-hearted drama from the first season. The first season was all about the main characters of Rosewood Hight being involved with each other romantically. This, in turn, affected their friendships, also, their goals of becoming a boxer or a dancer. Since these two things are the ones, the university thrives upon.

Puncch Beat Season 2 Plot

From The Official Trailer Of Puncch Beat Season 2 Featuring Siddharth Sharma as Ranbir, Samir Soni as Rajbir Choudhry, and Niki Walia as Maya

After an epic conclusion to the first season that broke everything apart, characters Rahat. Divyanka, Ranbir, and Padmini might be looking forward to continuing what they come for. Rahat and Ranbir are bent on becoming the best boxer from the Institue, while Divyanak aspires to be a dancer. Rahat is enjoying a new role as the Head Boy. Ranbir is not far behind as he will be coming to rechallenge Ranbir.

Meanwhile, a new student is making her presence felt in the form of Meesha. She will be bringing in a much-needed flavor at the university this year. Lastly, the death of a student at the institute might find the others student in trouble. Does that have something to do with a boxing match we are teased between Rahat and Ranbir? Well, we have to see that. In that case, gear up to say goodbyes to one of the main characters.

Puncch Beat S02 Cast- Who is returning and Who Is Joining?

We can see most of the cast from the first season of Puncch Beat returning for a second season run from the trailer. First, we have our four leads, Priyank Sharma, as Rahat, Harshita Shekhar Gaur as Divyanka, Siddharth Sharma as Ranbir, and Khushi Joshi as Padmini. The newbie joining the lead is Samyuktha Hegde as Meesha. We also see Samir Soni returning as Rajbir Choudhry and Niki Walia as Maya, Nikhil Bhambri as Adeesh, and Kajol Tyagi as Lara.

The rest of the supporting cast of Puncch Beat Season 2 includes Síndhuja Turlapati as Aditi, Urfi as Meera, Rushad Rana as Rana, Kasturi Banerjee as Miss Gayatri Bose, and Mrinmai Kolwalkar Bansuri. Shataf Figar and Poppy Jabbal are also joining the show.

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