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PUBG Lite Season 12: Release Date And Tier Rewards

PUBG Lite Season 12: Release Date And Tier Rewards
PUBG Lite Season 12: Release Date And Tier Rewards

The mobile gaming community saw a rise in recent years. With smartphones now coming with a minimum of 6 GB of RAM, it is possible to play almost any game available on the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore. Although, there are some games that will literally devour that 6 GB of memory, like Genshin Impact, Fortnite, Call Of Duty: Mobile, and PUBG: Mobile. Just because of that, developers of PUBG decided to release a lighter version of the game. Hence, we got PUBG lite, the same gameplay mechanics with compact size and less memory-hungry graphics. In this article, we would be talking about the PUBG Lite season 12 release date. Along with that, we would also be looking at tier rewards.

PUBG was first released for windows in December 2017. Later, Microsoft also released the game for Xbox One in September 2018. In the same year, we saw the launch of a PUBG Mobile for both Android and iOS. This was probably the first time ever that a full-fledged desktop game was ported/remade for mobile devices. With that, PUBG Mobile became one of the most successful games of the year on both Android and iOS all around the world. The game became a benchmark to test the gaming performance of newly launched devices and their capability to run it smoothly. PlayStation 4 players also got to enjoy the game around the same time. Enough with the history lesson, let’s look at the PUBG Lite season 12 release date.

PUBG Lite Gameplay And Functionality

PUBG Mobile Lite was released in July 2019. The main idea behind it was that the players with lower-end devices could experience smooth gameplay. Usually, games like PUBG require free RAM and a really good processor with adequate cooling. However, lower-end devices or older phones were not equipped with the right components to game on the phone itself. And thus, we saw the launch of PUBG Mobile Lite. It was made available for both Android and iOS devices.

PUBG Lite Season 12: Release Date And Tier Rewards

PUBG Lite in-game screen capture

The gameplay experience is close to similar, but it is not the same. In PUBG Lite, instead of 100 players skydiving in the lobby, we only get to see 60. So the competition is reduced. As it is made for lower-end devices, graphics are not that great as well. The graphic quality is decent, but when played on a phone with a good screen, you can really see the difference. The render distance is not that great, too as it is optimized for less performing chips. This means that you cannot see too far in the distance, not without the help of scope anyway. And sometimes, even that fails.

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PUBG Lite Season 12 Release Date And Tier Rewards

As of today, PUBG Lite season 12 has already been released on October 2. The update went live on October 2 at 4:30 AM Indian Standard Time. Season 11 was locked off early on October 1, and Season 29 winner pass was distributed earlier that day too. With that, the tier had also been reset Conqueror, Ace, and Crown players have been bumped down to Platinum. Diamond and Platinum to Gold. Gold, Silver, and Bronze will remain the same with just a number adjustment.

PUBG Lite Season 12: Release Date And Tier Reset

PUBG Lite tier rewards in-game screen capture

Now that we have covered the tier reset let’s talk about the rewards. When you reach Gold Tier and complete five matches in it, you will receive the Season 12 Outfit. This outfit will be completely free to get, just like all the other rewards on the tier. After you reach Diamond and complete five matches, you will receive a Season 12 Groza skin. On reaching Ace, players can collect a Season 12 Parachute. And finally, for players who take this game seriously and push the ranks, they will get a Season 12 Frame in Conqueror tier.

Final Thoughts

PUBG Lite is a game where one can easily climb through ranks as the competition is pretty low. And just because of that, many players of PUBG Mobile have shifted to PUBG Lite in hopes of reaching Conqueror with the help of their mid to high-end mobile devices. This really defeats the purpose of there being a lite version of the game for other players with phones of lower specs. Keeping that aside, PUBG Lite season 12 is now in full swing. Go climb the ranks and claim your free rewards. Until then, keep grinding, keep reading with us at Otakukart.

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