PS5: PlayStation 5 Could Be Released In 2019

The PlayStation 4 is the most successful and popular console in the world, and Sony has milked that cow in quite an amazing way, with its domination of the market share Sony likes to push things even further with bigger and better games and with better and greater technology.

It seems that sometime next year, Sony will release the PlayStation 5. Fans waited seven years for the PS4, but it seems that Sony will release the next generation console sooner than awaited.

When PS4 was released in 2013 gamers rushed to the stores to get their hands on it, Sony also released a PlayStation 4 Pro in September last year that supports 4K, HDR and even better performance with PlayStation VR as well as many other features. And the console might not see the third birthday because Sony is planning the release of its substitute sometime in 2019 or 2020 if the company runs into some sort of trouble regarding tech, design, or production.

According to video game industry analyst Michael Pachter, it’s unlikely that the PlayStation 5 will come out in 2018 but he considers that there’s about a 25% chance of being released next year and a 75% that the PS5 will hit the stores on 2020 and most analysts seem eye to eye with this projection.

The PS4 sales are slowing down albeit a lot of titles are becoming available for the most dominant console in the market. But this isn’t enough as the sales for the Japanese giant rely on the purchasing of the console as well as providing a platform for game developers to use and abuse the power of the best console out there in the market.

The PlayStation 5 release depends solely on Sony’s capacity to get monolithic ceramic capacitors, a piece which is used in many modern devices such as phones, cards, and the likes and the Japanese manufacturer might not be able to keep up with the demand. So it’s up to the suits in the boardroom to get together with manufacturers of monolithic ceramic capacitors to provide them with the goodies so we gamers can get our hands on the console and start playing away.

If the corporate suits manage to get a grasp on this manufacturing issue, we are very likely to see the world’s most successful gaming console on the shelves of the stores sometime before December 2019

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