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Prometheus Ending Explained: Why Engineers Wanted To Destroy Earth?

Ending Explained

Today, we will talk about Prometheus Ending Explained. These are among the most fundamental issues that humans have questioned since the beginning of time. Science has been attempting to explain the origins of everything, yet many puzzle pieces remain unanswered. The concept of Ridley Scott’s epic sci-fi horror ‘Alien,’ released in 1976, was based on a group of scientists confronting an alien entity in space. ‘Alien’ then became a cult classic over the years, inspiring numerous sequels that were essentially a rehash of the first picture — man vs. alien.

Fans of the original picture, according to director Ridley Scott, were still unsatisfied. Wherever he traveled, the question of who these aliens were followed him. Who designed them? How did they manage to get on board the spaceship? The revelation of ‘Prometheus’ was the first step toward finding answers to all of these questions. Unfortunately, the film’s genius will always be overshadowed due to its box office failure, and it will go down in history as one of the most misjudged films of all time. We will attempt to explain the film in detail.

Prometheus Explained

As the movie starts, it is shown that on the whole earth, humans, animals, and birds, nothing happens. Then an alien ship arrives, and there is already an alien on earth. An alien from the ship comes near the waterfall and drinks a liquid. After drinking the liquid, his body melts, and he gets carried away with the water in the spring. It is shown that life on earth started from his DNA.

After this scene, it shows that now 35000 years have passed, and after so many years, man has evolved a lot. Then we see some scientists – Charlie and his girlfriend Shaw – are looking for something in the caves. Then they see a picture. In that picture, a man is pointing at the stars. And after seeing this picture, they all get very excited.

The Painting in the cave

Prometheus Ending Explained – The Painting in the cave

Why are they excited because they found similar pictures in different countries? They guess that we are getting the same pictures everywhere because the person who is pointing to the stars everywhere is the same constellation he is pointing towards. They say that this is an invitation for us, the people who made us, they want us to find them, reach them.

Currently, the year 2091 has been shown in the film. They make a team of 17 people and go to the same constellation in the spaceship, which was shown in the picture. Now Charlie is inside the sleeping chamber in the spaceship with 17 people, and he stays inside it for 28 months. But here, a person is alive this person is not a robot, and his name is David.

Scientists Land On The Planet

Now, after a long journey of 28 months, they have reached the planet. David picks everyone up one by one from the sleeping chamber, everyone gets up. They slowly take the spaceship to the planet, but they do not see any signs of life there. But they then see a pyramid and slowly land their spaceship near that pyramid. Everyone puts on their space suit and gets ready to go to that place. They go inside the pyramid, and after going inside, they leave their scanners. So that they could scan the area of the entire cave and makes a map of it. Everyone goes ahead, David, the robot, sees some marks on the wall.

The Team Searches The Pyramid

Prometheus Ending Explained – The Team Searches The Pyramid

And in those marks, there’s a sticky substance. David draws some lines with his finger according to those marks. Only then the shadow of a big figure comes there and passes through them. Seeing this, everyone gets scared, and David chases the figures. All the figures go out, but one figure falls while running. And before he gets up and goes across the door, a door comes from above, and he gets stuck in the middle of it, after that, it gets dark. It was like CCTV of an alien world that was replaying an incident. This is the incident, which happened thousands of years ago, the scientists are just seeing a recording of it.

Where Aliens Created Human Life

The scientists see the figure who was killed, there is a corpse lying there which is very big. The body of that corpse is like theirs, but that head is on that side of the door. David draws some lines on his fingers from the wall, which is a code to open the door. And the door opens, and the alien’s head is really on that side of the door. Everyone goes ahead and sees that there is a very big painting there, and some kind of container/jar is also laying everywhere. David sees that some black-colored liquid is coming out of the jar. And when he checks out the liquid, he says Marks of Life! That is, the aliens were creating new species here. The way they made humans, they were trying to create some new species here.

Shaw takes aliens head

Prometheus Ending Explained – Shaw takes the aliens head

Now all this is going on, only then do they get a call from the spaceship that comes back soon because there’s going to be a huge storm, and in 15 minutes, they’re closing the doors of the spaceship. Doctor Shaw quickly puts the alien’s head in the bag and prepares to go back. David was here looking at the jars from which the liquid was coming out. He takes a jar with him and doesn’t tell anyone. With great difficulty, all these reach the spaceship. But still, two of his companions are trapped in the pyramid. The captain of the ship tells those people over wireless that they need stay there. Because the storm has come and in the morning they will come to take them back.

David Mixes Alien DNA In Charlie’s Drink

David, who has brought that jar, opens it, inside it, there are three tubes. He removes those tubes and sees that there is DNA in it. David doesn’t really like Charlie, who is Doctor Shaw’s boyfriend. That’s why he mixes that DNA in his drink. There is also some reason for this, David asks Charlie, to what extent can he go to know the answer to his questions? So says Charlie to any extent. David also wants to know what effect the virus will have on the human body. Because of all these reasons, David gives Charlie that drink.

Prometheus Ending Explained

Prometheus Ending Explained – David Opens The Jar

On the other hand, Doctor Shaw, who has brought the alien’s head, now starts researching it. They inject him and give current to his cells, then life comes to that head. But he is unable to control it, and the current keeps on increasing, and that head explodes. They check the alien’s DNA and are shocked. Because his DNA and human DNA are the same. So Doctor Shaw says that we are one of them, that is, they are descendants of them. That night, Charlie and Doctor Shaw have intercourse.

In the morning, the team plans to go back to the pyramids because they have to get our teammates back. That night the two people who were left in the pyramid see a snake there. From where that liquid was coming out, a creature was born out of it. The snake kills them both. When the whole team reaches there in the morning, they find their dead body. The scanners they had left in that cave 1 day ago got to one place and stop because there were doors. David goes to that side alone, and he sees that there is a door.

The Engineer’s Plan

When David opens that door, he sees that it is a very different type of chamber. There are some sleeping chambers and a chair. David sees that there are some buttons, and when he presses those buttons, the recording gets started (same type as before). David learns that these aliens are called Engineers and sees that some Engineers come, an Engineer sits on the chair and presses some buttons. And after that, the map of the whole universe becomes visible above. David sees that aliens were going from this planet to Earth. After that, an Engineer talks to another Engineer. After all this, the lights are turned off, and the Engineers go to a sleeping chamber. David sees that there is still an alien inside that chamber, who is asleep and alive.

Prometheus Ending Explained

Prometheus Ending Explained – Charlie Dies

Suddenly Charlie’s health starts deteriorating, is it because the DNA that David added to his drink the night before is starting to take effect. When Dr.Shaw sees Charlie’s eyes, he tells everyone to come back soon. She wirelessly speaks to the people who are in her spaceship, “open the back door, we are coming”. The head of this spaceship says that she will not allow any virus-infected person to come into the spaceship. She comes out with a fire machine to kill Charlie. and everyone forbid her, but Charlie himself tells her to kill him. The captain of the spaceship burns it, and faints from this shock.

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Dr. Shaw Is Pregnant With An Alien

When Shaw regains her consciousness, David is checking up on her. After the heart checkup, David tells her that she is pregnant. is completely shocked by this, as she had some medical problem and because of which she could never become a mother. He tells her that she has a 3-month-old baby in her stomach, and this is no ordinary baby, a different baby.

Dr. Shaw says that she wants to see the baby, but David refuses. You, Dr. Shaw, say I want to get it out of my stomach, but David says it’s not possible here. That’s when Dr. Shaw’s pain starts. David gives her an injection, and she faints. The question is, how is she three months pregnant? Three months ago, she was in the chamber. And she had intercourse with Charlie the day before.

Prometheus Ending Explained

Prometheus Ending Explained – Shaw’s Abortion

So this extraordinary pregnancy comes in her stomach because David added DNA to Charlie’s drink, it’s the result of that. When Dr. Shaw regains consciousness, she sees two men trying to put her in the sleeping chamber. She fights with them and runs into a room. And there is a very advanced machine in that room which was capable of doing all kinds of operations. And she gives the command to that machine that “I have to do an abortion” and lies down inside that machine. She has the abortion while going through a lot of pain. A worm comes out of her stomach, and she escapes from there with great difficulty saving her life and closing the door

The Engineers Used This Planet To Make Different Creatures

Dr. Shaw goes to another chamber. There she sees her whole team standing, And there is an old man there too, and this old man has just woken up from the sleeping chamber. This man was the one who invested money in this whole project and executed this project. Why did he do this now, why did he invest his money in this project? It’s because he is 100 years old. And on earth, Dr. Shaw and Charlie assure him that if they find those who made us, then we can increase our life, we can also make us young. And that’s the only reason why they come here with them and spend money on this project.

The Investor

Prometheus Ending Explained – The Investor

Shaw tells them that this cannot happen now, they are all the Engineers who made us are all dead. Just then, David says that one is still alive, he is in the sleeping chamber, and now they are going to meet him. As prepare to go there, the pilot comes to Shaw. He says that this is not the alien’s house. This is the place where they used to make weapons of destruction. And they did all this here because they were not stupid enough to create weapons of destruction on their own planet. All those jars are full of alien creatures. The Engineers made all these dangerous creatures here, which came out and became the cause of their teammate’s death, and now we should go home. Shaw says that one of them is still alive.

Prometheus Ending Explained: The Engineers Wants To Destroy Earth

Shaw and his entire team again go to the pyramid. On the other hand, the scan of the pyramid has been completed, which the pilot and his associates were doing in the spaceship. And when they observe the scan, the pilot is surprised because the entire pyramid was a spaceship. On the other hand, that whole team has now reached the room where the alien is sleeping. David tells that these aliens were preparing to go somewhere from here, but something went wrong. They come to learn that they were heading to Earth to destroy it. They wake up that alien, and David try to talk to him. David asks him something, but he doesn’t answer. Instead, he breaks David’s head and kills everyone, but Shaw runs away.

Prometheus Ending Explained

Prometheus Ending Explained – The Engineer goes to destroy Earth

The alien starts his ship and prepares to take off. Shaw reaches out, and she tells the pilot of the ship that this ship is taking off from here, you have to stop it. When that alien spaceship flies in the air, they also fly their ship and collide with that spaceship, both those ships fall to the ground and die. Shaw goes back to the ship to get some important items, only when she feels that someone else is there. She goes towards the place from where the sound is coming. She reaches where the worm came out of her stomach. Then comes David’s voice. He says that alien is coming to kill you, you have to get out of here David is a robot, so he can talk even after his head is severed.

The alien reaches for her. Just then, Shaw pushes a button, and a door opens. That giant worm captures the alien and kills him runs away from there. Shaw reaches to David and talks to him. She says, “I don’t want to go back to earth but go to where these aliens came from, can you take me there,” David says that he can take her, but what does she want to achieve by going there. says that “they made us, then they wanted to kill us, I want to know why he wanted to kill us”. They leave that planet on an alien ship towards their planet. The alien who is dead below, his stomach explodes, and an animal emerges from inside him. And he screams loudly. With this, the film ends.

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