Project Runway 2021: Everything We Know

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Project Runway 2021 - Is A Nineteenth Season Coming?
Still From Bravo's Fashion Reality Show Project Runway

Project Runway is the American reality show which defined the fashion world onto the TV screens. The series is doing a brilliant job of embracing the ever-evolving fashion trends for 15 years now. Thus, completing a total of 18 seasons in a row. The show originally debuted on Bravo in 2004. Quite far away from today’s fashion world and trends. Still, it stayed relevant, and the event went through a few ups and downs, jumping from Bravo to another network. After Bravo brought the show back to themselves for the seventeenth season, Project Runway picked the pace all over again. The show soon started to take note of new sides of the Fashion Industry to attract a much larger audience and demographic to evolve the fashion trends all over again.

Project Runway is a reality show much like every other competition show. Here, the show features an array of aspiring fashion designers. They compete before a panel of fashion experts, surviving until the finale wins the ultimate grand prize. The win also comes with further career opportunities, which may boost the opportunist to bigger places for his fashion designing career.

Project Runway’s current and new iteration from Bravo allowed the show to shed light on capitalism inside the fashion industry. The models came in different sizes and genders with ready-to-wear clothing. This new iteration soon grabbed the eyeballs of the new generation. So last year, Project Runway wrapped up its 18th consecutive season. Here we discuss the show’s return in 2021 for season 19 and everything we can expect from it.

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Project Runway 2021 Release Date

We expect Project Runaway 2021 to release in Fall 2021, assuming the filming is ongoing at the moment. There is no official release date for Project Runway 2021 as in Project Runway Season 19. The series premiered its eighteenth season back in December of 2019 before wrapping up in March the following year. Although Bravo renewed Project Runway for another season, a confirmation of a return is still in question.

Project Runway 2021 - Is A Nineteenth Season Coming?
Still From Bravo’s Fashion Reality Show Project Runway

Everything for the Project Runway Season 19 was scheduled starting February 2020. From casting calls till the end of filming. But it seems like the pandemic hit the series too. Season 19 of Project Runway, much like its previous season, might’ve arrived in December of 202o, but it didn’t. Even the network Bravo has not said a word about the show’s return anytime soon. So, we are quite in the dark for Project Runway’s return for this year. It might or might not happen and could probably shift to the next year altogether. You can stream Project Runway’s new reboot from Bravo on

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About The Competition Of Project Runway

Project Runway brings in some of the top fashion designers in the game together. The contestants face each other in several tasks step by step, reaching the finale. These tasks require various aspects to be checked to win and advance to the next round. The aspects include the designer’s creativity that he uses in his material, aesthetics, and genuineness. Some of the top players in the game of fashion business judge the designer’s work according to the aspects mentioned. Every week sees one aspiring fashion designer getting eliminated, with the surviving designers advancing to the next round. This goes on until a single winner is crowned.

Project Runway 2021 - Is A Nineteenth Season Coming?
Still From Bravo’s Fashion Reality Show Project Runway

The winner crowned receives a crash prize of $250,000. With the cash prize comes a lot more opportunities added-in. These include a feature in ELLE magazine created by the designer himself. The feature appears in a Bluprint digital series. It also comes with a $50,000 compliment of Pilot. And yes, a membership of CFDA added in. Another golden opportunity added in for the winner is a chance to present his/her final collection at the New York Fashion Week.

The last season of Project Runway saw 16 talented fashion designers battling in for the opportunity. Victoria Cocieru, Sergio Guadarrama, Geoffrey Mac, and Nancy Volpe-Beringer survived till the finale, with Geoffrey Mac winning the game.

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The Judges For Project Runway 2021

Project Runway’s shift back to Bravo since season 17 saw a new host and mentors joining the show again. Christian Siriano, the winner of the fourth season of Project Runway, joined the show to serve as a mentor. The show gifts Siriano a power of his own. As a mentor, he can use“Siriano save”  to save a contestant. Siriano uses the option when he disagrees with what Judges have to say in the elimination round.

Project Runway 2021 - Is A Nineteenth Season Coming?
Still From Bravo’s Fashion Reality Show Project Runway

Karlie Kloss joins in as host of the show while also serving as one of the judges. The Editor-in-chief of Elle, Nina Garcia, joins Kloss and fashion designer Brandon Maxwell and former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue Elaine Welteroth. The main cast joining the show are the contestants with judges aside. Plus, yes, the casting call was scheduled, but like mentioned above, there is no development yet since the pandemic. So we can’t expect the cast announcement anytime soon either. We will keep you updating on Project Runway’s return once Bravo comes with a word on it. So until then, stay tuned.

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