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Project Eve: Release Date, Trailer & Gameplay

What is the Release date of Project Eve? Players have been finding the answer to this question since 2019, as the first look of the RPG was out back in 2019. Since then, players looking forward to having the game on their devices. Shift Up team is taking a long time to release the game. But then also, the game and the team are receiving a lot of love and support from around the globe. The team “Shift Up” is thankful to them all.

Talking about the game, then the game is a combat-based game with different weird-looking creatures. These creatures seem to be dangerous and terrifying, but Eve is stronger and smarter than the creatures. Therefore, it is obvious that Project Eve is determined to get a lot of attention and recognition from its fans. If we have a look on social media, then people are already expressing their excitement for the game. Therefore, the positive sign for the game is in front of the makers.

The storyline, different overpowered weapons, various skills, characters, including enemies are extracts from different games, but it still appears promising. So, to know more about the game, read on.

Project Eve Release Date

Project Eve will release in Fall 2022. The makers didn’t reveal the exact date and time of the release of Project Eve, but they confirmed that the game would not come in 2001. The game still has some advancements, so it may be out in the last few months of 2022. Shift Up didn’t reveal anything, and they are only responsible for the game, so if they aren’t revealing anything so the gamers should wait for further updates. Also, they said that they are extremely grateful to the people who are waiting for the game. They feel highly thankful for the love they are receiving from the gamers.

Project Eve

Project Eve

Furthermore, Shift Up is asking for more patience as the game needs more time to be out. Therefore, they expect a player to wait for further updates as they promised to reveal more in the near future. Also, they said that they wouldn’t take much time to give updates to the world.

Shift Up Corporation is a Korean company that has developed many exciting games, and right now, they are into Project EVE. It is a promising company, so players feel that waiting for more might be worth it.

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Project Eve Trailer

The trailer’s first scene warns that the further video may be inappropriate for some viewers that directly indicates that how intense the game is going to be. However, the first look of Project Eve was already out in 2019 and a small gameplay video in 2020, but a detailed trailer has been out recently. This trailer was out during Sony’s Playstation Showcase 2021, and the trailer appears pretty much intense. The weird and powerful creatures were making the trailer interesting but Eve, with her powers, was the heart of the trailer.

The gameplay of the RPG

The trailer shows that Project Eve has features and looks of other games, which is cool. The trailer of the game shows that there are highly overpowered creatures that look dangerous. The gameplay might appear difficult for some players as it demands high game senses.

A player should have good reaction time, knowledge of the weapons, and an active mind. Also, he should be great at attacking, defending, responding, and escaping. Therefore, it makes the RPG more engaging and fascinating. A player should know how to take advantage of open areas and covers. Moreover, Project Eve will have different skills like super armor, enemy combo interruption, and more. Also, a player will be able to use some attacks like leaping-stabbing and Sweeping-Swings.

Project Eve

Project Eve

Project Eve is not just all about fighting as it is seen that Eve can explore, slide and swing too. It shows that the game will have different styles of gaming, and players can use all the features according to their will. Also, the game has a story which makes it more captivating. Moreover, Eve’s appearance and look can also be changed according to the player.

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