Project Anima Anime: Sacks And Guns Release Date, New Staff, And Cast

Project Anima Anime: Sacks And Guns

The official blog for Project Anima declared the staff, cast and new official title for Satelight’s anime adaptation of Nekotarō Inui’s Sakugan Labyrinth Marker (Drilling Labyrinth Marker) novel on Friday. The anime is titled as Sacks & Guns!!. The visual below delineates the underground province of Pinyin, where the dad Gagamba and his little girl Memenpu — the main protagonists or one can say the story’s main heroes — live. The Radio Bungeibu program will uncover more subtleties on Saturday at 26:30.

Toshiyuki Toyonaga and Hikaru Midorikawa will star in the anime.

Director of this upcoming anime titled Snack and Guns is Jun’ichi Wada (WorldEnd, Caligula). Role of head character designer is taken up by Yuji Iwahara (King of Thorn, Darker Than Black, Dimension W). Stanislas Brunet (Macross Delta) is the mechanical originator. Kazumi Kōda (NieR: Automata) is the idea fashioner. Yūri Shibamura (Marginal Operation) is credited for situation participation. Eriko Kimura is the sound chief at Tohokushinsha Film Corporation.

Sacks & Guns is scheduled for 2020 release date.

Project Anima acknowledged story entries from the overall population through DeNA’s Everystar, MangaBox, and comparative client submitted content stages. DeNA, Sotsu Co., Ltd., Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, and MBS facilitated rivalries in three classifications. Inui’s Sakugan Labyrinth Marker novel was the sprinter up in the “Sci-fi/Robot” class. (The judges did not grant the novel a grand prize.) The contest additionally had an “Other World/Fantasy” and “Children/Game” classifications.

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