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Project Almanac Ending Explained: What Happened In The End?

Project Almanac Ending Explained

We will get the Project Almanac Ending Explained in this article. This Sci-Fi movie is the creation of Dean Israelite, and this was also his directorial debut. The film stars Jonny Weston, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Sam Lerner, Allen Evangelista, and Virginia Gardner in the lead roles. The cast and the direction received praises from the critics and audience for their magnificent work in the movie. Most of the movie was shot in a “found footage” style, which made the movie more interesting.

The movie is about a group of high school students who invent a Time Machine, which results in them traveling to the past. However, their actions in the past change the future and raise more chaos. Like most time-traveling movies, this movie also showcases some similar disclaimers like not talking to past selves. However, the execution and the end of the movie make it unique and different from others. Further, these Sci-Fi movies go over the head of the audience sometimes. And this movie’s end also leaves the audience with confusion. There have been questions around the internet like What happened at the end of Project Almanac? Will this film lead to any sequel? In this article, we will answer all these questions and explain the Project Almanac ending. However, this article will contain many spoilers. Thus, it’s advised you first watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video.

Project Almanac Plot

Project Almanac revolves around David Raskin, an intelligent high school student in his senior year. He got enrolled into MIT because of his geniuses. However, his pockets can’t afford the institute’s tuition fees. Thus, her mother decides to sell their house, so David can attend MIT. But he was not happy with the decision to sell the house. Thus, David, along with his sister, Christina, and his friends, Adam and Quinn, searches through his father, Ben’s belongings, to find something which can get him a scholarship. While going through the search, they come across Ben’s camera. On hacking the camera, they find out present David in the footage of David’s seventh birthday party. Soon they come across Ben’s plan of building a time machine, and the project is called “Project Almanac”. Thus, the group of high-schoolers decides to build the machine while Christina records the whole incident on the camera.

What happened in Project Almanac

David sees his present self in the footage of his seventh birthday.

The young inventors successfully built the machine and planned to send the toy car back in the past. To perform the test, they steal the car battery from David’s crush, Jessie. They successfully sent the toy car two hours back in time. However, Jessie finds out about their experiment, and thus, they add her into the experiment too. After the first successful test, now the group plans to travel back in time themselves. They travel one day back in time and end up in Quinn’s house. There Quinn draws a smiley on his past self’s back who was sleeping, and that same drawing appears on the present Quinn. However, in the past, Quinn wakes up and sees his future self. Both Quinns were close to extinction because of coming into direct contact.

After this time adventure, the team decides to use the machine to their advantage. But all take an oath of never using the machine alone. They again use the machine to attend a music festival, where David fails to convey his feeling for Jessie, resulting in an awkward relationship between the two. Realizing his mistake, David travels alone to the past to propose Jessie. However, his solo actions lead to the accident of their school’s basketball champ and a flight crash. Thus, David trying to correct these accidents again travel alone and stops these events from happening, but it led to his friend Adam getting into an accident.

Why David travels back in time alone in Project Almanac

David travels back in time to kiss Jessie.

David again attempts to travel to the past, only getting caught by Jessie, who also travels to the past with him. There David reveals breaking the oath. He traveled to the past to correct the relationship with her. Jessie, feeling betrayed, was going away from him when she came across her past self, which resulted in both getting erased. Feeling responsible for all this mess, David goes to his seventh birthday to destroy the plans and meeting his dad for the last time. Because of destroying the plans, it changes the whole future and creates a new timeline. However, David drops his camera in the past. Now in a new timeline, David finds both his father and his other self’s camera. Upon going through the footage, David is in shock and goes to Jessie and says they are about to change the world.

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Project Almanac Ending Explained

At the end of Project Almanac, we see David destroying the plans also destroys his timeline, and creates a new one. In the new timeline, David again finds his father’s camera, but this time he also finds his other self’s camera, which he dropped. However, seeing that footage on both cameras, this new David also wants to create a time machine. From this ending, we get the concept of the Time Paradox, according to which no matter what you do to change the future, the world will try to repeat the actions.

What happened in the Project Almanac ending

David tells Jessie they are about to change the world.

In the movie, David destroys the plans thinking if the time machine never exists, then he and his friends won’t travel to the past. Therefore, none of those chaotic events will happen to them. However, the world tends to fix the error, like David destroyed the plans, but he dropped the camera, which had everything, even how they built the machine. Seeing the footage, the new David also plans to make one and travel back in time to change the world. So we see no matter what David does, his action will repeat somehow like it is an infinite time loop. Thus, no matter what David does, he will always end up with a time machine. Further, David will also use it every time.

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