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Problem Child in House Episode 142: Everything We Know

Problem Child in House Episode 142 is soon heading to our televisions. In today’s article, we shall talk about the South Korean variety quiz show Problem Child In House. Most of you who are big-time fans of K-drama, K-pop, or anything related to South Korea, must be aware of the show. To date, one season of the show has been released, consisting of 141 episodes. Recently, episode 141 of the show Problem Child In House has released that is on 10th August 2021. Most of the viewers who are highly addicted to the show are waiting for episode 142. They are much eager to know the release date of Season 1, Episode 142 of Problem Child In House.

Finally, the waiting is over. In this article, we shall reveal the release date of the upcoming episode that is episode 142 of Problem Child In House. We shall also talk about the plot of the show. So, those who are new but are known for the popularity of the show can get themselves updated. Also, we shall cover the casts of Problem Child In House. So what are you waiting for? Without further ado, dig into the article to know about the release date of the latest upcoming episode of Problem Child In House.

Problem Child In House Season 1 Episode 142 Release Date

Problem Child In House Season 1 Episode 142  is going to get released on 17th August 2021. The guests of this upcoming episode will be Kim Dong-hwan and Syuka. Like the previous episodes, we believe that this episode will also be going to be fun and interesting.

Release date of episode 142 of Problem Child In House

Problem Child In House

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Problem Child In House: The Plot in brief

The South Korean Quiz show Problem Child In House is currently running on the KBS2 network. It’s a South Korean quiz show. Five people host the show and are Kim Yong-man, Jung Hyung-don, Song Eun-i, Kim Sook, and Min Kyung-hoon. These five hosts and the guests put their knowledge into a test which is to be solved by the other members. The production team gives them ten questions. They must try and solve them all while they are locked up in the roof-top house. The criteria of the show are that the locked-up people can only leave the roof-top only. This is only allowed if the contestants are successful in answering those ten questions. The show is quite fun and interesting and has achieved a lot of audiences. That’s the reason why it is running its 141 episodes till now.

Release Date of Episode 142 of Problem Child In House

Problem Child In House- Korean variety and quiz show

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The first episode of Problem Child In House was premiered on 7th November 2018. Now, the show has been running successfully for around four years. Problem Child In House won the consecutive KBS Entertainment Awards. In 2019, it won the 17th KBS Entertainment Award. Also, in the very next year, that is, in 2020, the show managed to win the 18th KBS Entertainment Award.

Where can you watch the episodes of Problem Child In House?

Many of the viewers have already started counting down the days for the premiere of the new episode 142. Those who don’t know where to watch the show Problem Child In House can download the Viu application from the Google Play Store (for Android users) or Apple Store (for iOS users) on your phone and watch it for free. It is also streaming on the KBS2 network. So what are you waiting for? It’s a very fun quiz show to watch. It would also help you to gain knowledge.

I highly recommend you to watch Problem Child In House. Without dawdling, start watching the quiz Problem Child In House. I’m pretty sure you won’t regret watching it. If you start with watching a single episode, you will end up watching the episodes of the entire season to date. Also, the new episode (episode 142) is going to be premiered within few days so the chances are that you may be able to catch up.

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