Prison Lab: Cast And Visual Released

The cast for the Prison Lab anime has been revealed by Production I.G. The net anime adaptation of Chiho Minase and Kantetsu’s Kangoku Jikken -Prison Labo- manga will make way to the Production I.G’s Anime Beans app on December 28.

The anime will feature:

Kōhei Takeda as Aito Eyama
Saki Minami as Aya Kirishima
Shūta Morishima as Harakawa
Chinatsu Akasaki as Yoshino Misaki
Ken Yanai as Shin Tomiya
Ayumi Orii as Erika Kuranashi
Tarō Kiuchi as Seiji Katsumata
Karin Shizuki as Bunny
Iori Isaki as Plush Toy

Here is the new visual for the anime-

Prison Lab Anime
Prison Lab: New Visual

The manga will center on Eyama Aito. Eyama is a depressed high school student who is a victim of everyday bullying. He receives a letter on the last day of school before summer vacation. The message was an invitation to a game, where he can name any person, who will be confined for a month. Eyama can do anuthiyto the person except for murdering him/her. There is a reward at the end as well. Eyama ends up picking Aya Kirishima, who is the leader of the bullies.

The global version of Anime Beans app was launched on December 17 by Production I.G. The global version has all the anime which are available on the Japanese. Production I.G plans to bring more subtitled anime for the users.

Production I.G launched the Tate Anime app in June 2017, and it ended service on May 31. The app offered short (about three-minute) anime that update on weekdays and each series had ten episodes. The anime was presented vertically for smartphones. Production I.G rebranded the app as Anime Beans in June, and it no longer features exclusively vertical anime.

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