Prince William’s Affair: How True is The Rumor?

Prince William's affair
Prince William's affair

The focus of our article will be the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. As we all know, the royal family is always in the headlines, be it Prince Harry and Meghan Markle or be it the Duke of Cambridge. The royal family never lets the media interfere in their personal space. Still, media has its own way to get the royal family in the limelight. Prince William’s affair is one such matter that gained a lot of media attention. It not only made headlines but was a hot topic of the time a few months back.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are looked upon by many as an idol couple. But to be an idol takes a lot. No one becomes an idol couple right on the first day of marriage. To be one, it takes years of neverending trust, support, respect, understanding, and much more. An idol couple is one who goes through all the ups and downs and faces all the problems of life together. Not only that, they also cover each other and bounces back stronger. A similar situation was seen when the cheating allegation endangered the decade year-long married life of Kate Middleton and Prince William. There was one of the turning points in their love story too which would have put a full stop to their relationship, but they gave their relationship one more chance.

Prince William's affair
Prince William with Kate Middleton

Prince William’s affair: Know the behind story 

In the previous section, we had a glance at Prince William and Kate Middleton marriage and relationship. Here in this section, we will have a look at the turning point that changed their relationship forever. This year, the duo celebrated their 10th anniversary but in 2019, their relationship was on the verge to break. The reason being Kate was cheated by Prince William along with a family friend, Rose Hanbury.

It was the time when Kate was pregnant with her and Prince William’s third child Louise. The rumors of William’s affairs flashed. As per the speculations, Prince William’s family friend Rose Hanbury came down to stay in Norfolk. During all this chaos, Kate once requested her husband Prince William to phase out Rose from all the friend groups and circles. At the same time, she also remained calm as per Morton’s point of view. As Prince Williams’s affair was just a rumor, the duo decided to ignore the entire matter. They gave their relationship a second chance and now it’s been more than a decade they are together.

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Prince William’s marriage 

In October 2010, Price William got engaged to Kate Middleton, aka Catherine in Kenya. The announcement about their marriage came from the Clarence House on November 16, 2010. On April 29, they tied the official knot and started off with their conjugal life. They share three kids together, namely Prince George, Prince Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Despite all the turmoil and cheating rumors, their relationship was not affected. After all that, they came out stronger as a couple.

Prince William's affair
Prince William’s affair with Rose Hanbury makes headlines.

Prince Wiliam’s unite with his brother

Recently Prince Williams, along with his brother Prince Harry celebrated the 60th birthday of their mother, Diana. On the occasion, they joined the forces in order to honor the winners of the Princess Diana Award. The award, as we all know, is given in the memory of their mother Diana. The royal family lost Princess Diana in the year 1997 at the age of 36. Princess Diana was tragic, as she lost her life in a car crash. The only person to survive the crash was Princess Diana’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones.

The glittering ceremony of the Diana award is going to happen soon. Prince William met the winners on Wednesday, December 2, 2021, at Kensington Palace. On the other hand, Prince Harry met them from his home in Montecito, California, in a virtual meeting. The award is given to those who work towards improving the lives of others. They also unveiled a statue that was erected in memory of their mother at the Kensington Palace. The winners will be provided with the two years long unique development program. Which will help them enhance their skills.

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