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Prince Philip Net Worth, Personal Life, Assets in 2021

Prince Philip Net Worth 2021 And All You Need To Know About Him
Prince Philip passed away yesterday morning and here's all you need to know about him.

Prince Philip Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh, was a member of the British Royal Family as he was married to Queen Elizabeth II. Born into the Danish and Greek royal families, Philip amassed a great deal of wealth over time. However, after his death recently, everyone is wondering who will be inheriting all his wealth. So, let us dive further into the article to find out everything about him and his net worth.

Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark was born on 10th June 1921 in Mon Repos (Corfu). He was born to Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg. He was the fifth and final child to his parents and the only brother amongst his siblings. The name of his sisters is Cecilie, Sophie, Margarita, and Theodora. Philip was the Prince of both Denmark and Greece by virtue of his patrilineal descent from George I of Greece and Christian IX of Denmark. Consequently, he was a member of the House of Glücksburg, the ruling house of Denmark.

Prince Philip Net Worth 2021 And All You Need To Know About Him

A still of Prince Philip during his time at the Royal Naval College of Dartmouth.

Personal Life:


Prince Philip got educated at The Elms, an American school in Paris. He was described there as a know it all clever child who was modest. However, he was sent to the UK for further studies later on. Just three years later, his mother had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was hence sent to an asylum. Consequently, his father moved to a residence in Monte Carlo. Anyhow, in 1939, Philip finished a term as a cadet at the Royal Naval College of Dartmouth. After that, he moved to Athens to live with his mother for about a month. Later on, he resumed his training for the Royal Navy, and the very next year, he graduated as the best cadet in his course.


In 1940, Philip served in the British forces during the Second World War. However, two of his brothers-in-law, Berthold, Margrave of Baden, and Prince Christoph of Hesse, was fighting from the opposing German side. Later that year, he was appointed as the midshipman. Gradually, in 1941, Philip got commissioned as the sub-lieutenant, followed by a promotion to the post of lieutenant in 1942. In fact, in October of the same year, he became the youngest first Lieutenant in the Royal Navy after his appointment as the first lieutenant of HMS Wallace at the age of 21. Finally, in 1944, Philip returned to the United Kingdom, where he got posted as the instructor at HMS Royal Arthur.

Prince Philip Net Worth 2021 And All You Need To Know About Him

A still of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip from their marriage.

Apart from all this, Prince Philip was also an author. He published several of his books. Some of his best-sellers are ‘Men, Machines and Sacred Cows,’ ’30 Years On, and Off, the Box Seat’, and ‘Driving and Judging Dressage.’ Over the course of his life, Prince Philip was awarded several honorary titles. He abandoned his originally held title of Prince of Greece and Denmark to be created the British Duke. In fact, later on, the Queen even issued letters patent to make Philip a British Prince. King George VI appointed the Duke of Edinburgh to the Order of the Garter in 1947. Moreover, to celebrate his 90th birthday, the Queen appointed him as the Knight Grand Cross (GCVO) of the Royal Victorian Order.


In 1939, Queen Elizabeth was touring the Royal Naval College of Dartmouth with her father, King George VI. During this visit, Louis Mountbatten asked Prince Philip to escort the King’s two daughters. There and then, Elizabeth fell in love with Philip and began to exchange letters with him while she was only 13. Later on, in 1946, Philip formally asked the King for his daughter’s hand in marriage. The King accepted the proposal, and Philip then abandoned his Danish and Greek royal titles. Finally, in 1947 they got married to each other, and on 10th July 1947, King George VI announced their engagement to the public. Then, Prince Philip took on the title of Duke of Edinburgh. The couple had four children together, whose names are Charles (Prince of Wales), Anne (Princess Royal), Prince Andrew (Duke of York), and Prince Edward (Earl of Wessex).

Prince Philip Net Worth 2021 And All You Need To Know About Him

A recent picture of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, i.e., the Duke of Edinburgh at the St Paul’s Cathedral.

Prince Philip Net Worth 2021:

The net worth of Prince Philip, i.e., the Duke of Edinburgh, at the time of his death in 2021 was approximately $30 million, i.e., £24 million. As the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip used to earn a royal grant from the Sovereign Grant of around $500,000, i.e., £400,000 per year. However, it is still unknown whether Philip continued receiving this allowance after his retirement from official royal duties in 2017. Nevertheless, he had access to the funds earned by a private portfolio of lands, properties, and assets that the Duchy of Lancaster in 1399 had set up. Moreover, the couple is believed to have shared a portfolio of stocks and land together, which they had inherited from the Queen’s family.

Anyways, it is still unclear as to who will inherit the Duke’s wealth and assets. Prince Philip shared most of his estate with the Queen. Consequently, it is likely that Her Majesty will hold onto his assets. However, the royal couple also has four children. So, it is also possible that as Philip’s children, they will inherit the share of his assets. Anyhow, it is saddening how the Duke of Edinburgh, i.e., Prince Philip passed away yesterday, i.e., on 9 April 2021, at the age of 99, in his sleep. Everyone expressed their sorrow on hearing the news and prayed that his soul rests in peace.

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