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Prime Video April 2021 Releases: Everything Coming To The Streaming Platform

All Movies And TV Shows Coming On Prime Video In April 2021
All Movies And TV Shows Coming On Prime Video In April 2021

Amazon Prime Video is coming with a lot of TV shows and movies this April. The streaming platform has selected various old shows plus many amazon originals to stream in April 2021. As theatres all over the world are closed, streaming platforms have now made a trend. That’s why streaming platforms are now trying to premiere all the best movies and TV shows for the audience. Many American, Dutch, Spanish TV shows have been chosen to stream this April. How to train your dragon will now be available on amazon prime video too. Lots of animated stuff will also be launched this April. Amazon is also bringing some kid’s shows to make it more kids friendly. Some old cartoons will also be premiered this month.  On 1st April 2021, about 30 movies will be added for the audience, and about 15 TV series will be added. There is a lot of stuff on its way! We have made a list of All Movies And TV Shows Coming in Prime Video in April 2021. Movies like Head Of state. Men Of Honor, Untraceable, and lots of documentaries will be added this time for amazon viewers.

Prime Video 1st April 2021

1. A Hologram For The King (2016)

Released in 2016 and directed by Tom Tykwer, the story revolves around Sarita Chaudhary, who is a doctor, and Alexander Black, a taxi driver. They both try to help Tom Hanks, the American businessman who is doing everything to close his lifetime deal in Saudi Arabia. The movie has lots of thrillers, and it earned around 1.18 crores USD in the box office.

Movies For April 1, 2021

All Movies And TV Shows Coming On Prime Video In April 2021

How to train your dragon

On the first of April, 2021, there is a big list of films that will release. This includes- Anna Karenina (2012), A Simple Plan (1998), Art Of Falling in Love (2019), Because I Said so (2007), Bruno (2009), Bob Roberts (1992), Chato’s Land (1972), Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1974), Cheech And Chong’s Still Smokin’ (1983), Cohen and Tate (1989), Did You Hear About the Morgans? (2009), Devil in a blue dress (1995), Evan Almighty (2007), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988), Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), Frankie and Alice (2014), Four Weddings and a funereal (1994), Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003), Hancock (2008), Gunfighters of Abilene (1959), Head of state (2003), Inception (2010), How to train your dragon (2010), Johnny English (2003), Larry Crowne (2011), Lady in a cage (1964), Lords of Dogtown (2005), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003), Love in Harmony Valley (2020) (UP Faith & Family), Madea Goes to Jail (2009), Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011), Mad Max (1980), Men of Honor (2000), Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003), Milk (2009), Monster’s Ball (2001), Minority Report (2002), Moonrise Kingdom (2012), My Cousin Vinny (1992), Motel Hell (1980), New in Town (1992), Platoon (1986), Open Range (2003), Shaft (2000), Sleeping with the Enemy (1991), Shooter (2007), Smiley Face Killers (2020), That Thing You Do! (1996), So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993), The Abyss (1989), The Devil’s Double (2011), The Dead Zone (1983), The Gift (2000), The Hunting Party (1971), The Happening (2008), The Lincoln Lawyer (2011), The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959), The Pawnbroker (1964), The Skull (1965), The Program (1993),The Sum of All Fears (2002), The Replacement Killers (1998), Valerie (1957), Untraceable (2008),What About Bob? (1991) and Waiting to Exhale (1995).

Shows For April 1, 2021

All Movies And TV Shows Coming On Prime Video In April 2021

The Adventures of Napkin Man Season 1

1. The Restaurant Season 1– The show will soon Release on Amazon prime video. The Restaurant is a romantic thriller story. When Europe celebrates its day of peace in the year 1945 usually called Stockholm. During the celebration of Kungsgatan, two strangers kiss each other, which will lead to different consequences.

2. The Adventures of Napkin Man Season 1- A children’s television series released on 24 December 2013 where a Napkin is a superhero.

3. Survivor’s Remorse Season 14- Drama series originally launched on  4 October 2014 (USA). Produced by Paul Marks, this is a survivor remorse sitcom covering the story of Cam Calloway and his family after he signs up for a  pro-basketball contract and he has to move to Atlanta.

4. Rectify Season 1 – Drama series released on April 22, 2013. The story revolves around Daniel Holden, who raped and killed Hanna, his 16-year-old daughter. He had to be in jail for 19 years, and when he comes out, DNA reveals it wasn’t him. 

5. Keeping Faith Season 1- Thriller television series set in Wales released on 5 November 2017. The story revolves around Faith, a Welsh lawyer, mother, and wife. Events in her life took turns when her husband went missing. As she tries to find his husband, she questioned herself whether she knew him or not as some dark secrets came out.

6. Jacqueline and Jilly Season 1- A drug addiction drama thriller series released originally on 6 December 2018 (USA). The story revolves around a teen girl, D.C. lobbyist daughter, who gets an addiction to opiates when she fell down from a horse.

7. Ice Road Truckers Season 1- American TV show released on 17 June 2007. Truckers from all over the world take their heavy load of trucks around frozen lakes so that they can deliver goods to places like Alaska and Canada. While they are doing that, they face difficulties from mother nature.

8. Garfield & Friends Season 1 – CBS network cartoon show first released on 17 September 1988. This is cat catastrophic comedy kids’ show. 

9. Engine Masters Season 1- American show released on  23 November 2015 (USA). Each episode in the show takes you to an engine-dyno room, and masters of engine solve mysteries to it.

10. Creepshow Season 1- American horror TV show released on September 26, 2019. This is an anthology horror series set in the year 1982, where a group of people explores murders, terror, supernatural forces, and many more.

11. Couples Therapy Season 1– Released on 21 March 2012 streaming on VH1. A psychotherapist analysis relationship of celebrities to make their ending good. The show is equal to its title name.

12. After the First 48 Season 1- Reality, drama show released on7 October 2008 (USA). Solving the cases within 48 hours of when they happened is the plot of the show.

13. Anne+ Season 1 – First released in the Netherlands on 30 September 2018 in Dutch

14. Aber Bergen Season 1 – First released in Norway on 22 September 2016

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Prime Video April 7, 2021- April 2, 2021

On April 7, 2021, movies- High-Rise (2016), Girl From Monaco (2009), Pulse (2005), The Answer Man (2009), Ragnarok (2009), The Priest (2009), and Trollhunter (2011) will be released.

Unhinged (2020) will be released on Amazon Prime on April 2, 2021.

Blair Witch (2016) will be released on Amazon prime video on the 3rd of April, 2021.

Prime Video April 9, 2021

1. Them: Limited Series — Amazon Original Series

Them is an amazon prime original limited Series. The story revolves around a black family moves to Los Angeles, where they have to face threats of destruction, taunts, ravage. The first episode is titled ‘Welcome To Compton’ and will soon Release on Amazon prime video.

Prime Video 12 April 2021

1. Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)

Released in 2012, the movie is directed by Ariel Schulman, and Henry Joost is a paranormal activity film series. Alex, when she moves into a new apartment, experiences strange events when she meets Robbie, her neighbor’s son. Her life gets devastated when all her dear ones are murdered one by one.

2. Spontaneous (2020)

Spontaneous is a 2020 comedy, science fiction film released in October 2020. When students in high school without any reason start to explode, Dylan and Mara are struggling to survive in a world where everything seems to last. As they become love birds, they realized that as they aren’t sure about their future, they should totally live today as they want.

Prime Video 14 April 2021

1. Cezanne Et Moi (2017)

This is an original biographical French movie directed by Daniele Thompson. The story revolves around the great friendship between painter Paul Cezanne and 19th-century novelist Emile Zola. Guillaume Gallienne, Guillaume Canet, Alice Pol, Sabine Azema are the main cast of the movie. The film has won many awards.

2. Burden (2020)

The burden is a drama film released on 25 June 2020 in Thailand. This film is inspired by true events. An orphan who is raised within Ku Klux Klan is convinced to leave by his girlfriend. When Klan sees that he is out for revenge, a black congregation took his girlfriend, his son, and himself in.

3. Terror’s Advocate (2007)

Terror’s Advocate is a 2007 documentary/ war film. This was released on the 6th of June, 2007. Barbet Schroeder is the director of the film, and it revolves around the examination of the career of Jacques Verges, a controversial lawyer who defended unpopular figures such as Nazi wars.

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Prime Video 16 April 2021

1. Frank Of Ireland Season 1

Frank Of Ireland is an Amazon original series that will premiere on 16th April 2021. This TV program is a ridiculous and physical brand of humor with many twists. The story revolves around Brian Gleeson, who is a 32-year-old catastrophe in arrested development who thinks that the world owes him. This will be a total must-watch.

2. Wander (2020)

This crime thriller film was released on 4th December 2020. The story revolves around a murder case in the town of Wander. Hired to investigate the death, the case gets linked to the same conspiracy that was the reason for the death of his daughter. April Mullen is the director of the film.

3. Somewhere (2010)

The film was first released in Italy in 2010. Directed by Sofia Coppola, the story revolves around a Hollywood star who basically thought that famous feels empty and meaningless. His life becomes very interesting when his 11-year-old daughter comes to visit him for some time. Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning have played the lead role in the film.

Prime Video April 21, 2021

The Hero Of Color City

The Hero Of Color City

1. Merantau (2010)

Merantau was initially released in 2010. This 2 hours 14 minutes action drama film was first released in Indonesia. Merantau has also been released as ‘Merantau warriors’ in some countries. The story of the movie revolves around a young man from the countryside who is expertise in martial arts. He uses his martial arts to survive the slave trade. The movie is directed by Gareth Evans.

2. The Hero Of Color City (2014)

The Hero Of The Colour City is a Family comedy-drama. This is a 1 hour 17 minutes animated film. This animated story revolves around a bunch of crayon colors that are trying to protect their magical multihued homeland and to protect their children who are being taken by terrifying Monsters. This was initially released on 6th February 2015 in China. Frank Gladstone is the director of this animated film.

3. Muay Thai Giant (2011)

This is an action thriller film which has gained immense popularity over the past eight years. The story revolves around a tourist Muay Thai, who is a kickboxing champion, and he is taken to a very beautiful family restaurant where he is given some spicy food, Som Tam. The reaction to the food leads to the destruction of the restaurant, and then he is obliged to raise the money to rebuild the restaurant again.

4. Venus And Serena (2012)

Venus and Serena is a documentary sports film directed by Maiken Baird and Michelle Major. One of the great tennis Champions and sisters Venus and Serena Williams are the major leads of the show. The story revolves around how Venus and Serena Williams became the world’s best tennis champions and how how they struggled with their health problems and media controversies.

Prime Video 26 April 2021

1. The Artist (2012)

The Artist was initially released on 24th February 2012 in India. Directed by Michel Hazanavicius, the story of the movie revolves around two lovers Peppy Miller and George Valentin. Peppy Miller falls in love with George Valentin,.a silent film star. The events took turns when Peppy becomes a very famous actor while the career of George Valentin continued to go downhill with a great introduction of talkies. It is a romance drama film.

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Prime Video 28th April 2021

All Movies And TV Shows Coming On Prime Video In April 2021

Arrival (2016)

1. Arrival (2016)

Directed by Denis Villeneuve, the movie was initially released on 11 November 2016. It is an American science fiction thriller movie written by Eric Heisserer. The movie is based on the short story “Story Of Your Life,” which was directed by Ted Chiang. Amy Adams, Forest Whitaker, Jeremy Renner are some of the cast.

2. Harlem Aria (2010)

Harlem Aria was initially Released in 2010. The movie is directed by William Jennings, and he is the writer too. The story revolves around a man Anton who leaves his aunt’s house in Harlem to chase his dreams. When he reaches New York City, a homeless guy, Wes cons him out of his life savings, and then he had nothing to do when he met Matthew, a street-side musician.

3. Barry Munday (2010)

The movie was initially released in 2010. Directed by Chris D’Arienzo, the story revolves around Barry, a hopeful ladies man who loses his manhood in some kind of attack. His life becomes miserable, and events took a turn when a woman named Ginger comes into his life and says she is pregnant with his baby.

4. Kitro (2006)

Kitaro, released in 2016, is an action, comedy-drama film directed by Ernesto Diaz Espinoza. The storyline of the movie is very basic. The leader of the Chilean gang, who is expertise in martial arts, uses his talent to protect a girl from a bully. The movie stars Marko Zaror, Miguel Angel De Luca, Caterina Jadresic.

5. The Warlords (2007)

The Warlords is an action thriller film. When China is torn apart by civil war, the story revolves around three men who have hope to bring back people of the country and country together- Gen. Pang, Andy Lau, and Takeshi Kaneshiro, a pair of bandits. Pang remains the only one alive in a violent crash. Soon three of them start a war to get back their land.

6. The Commune (2017)

The Commune was initially released in 2017 and was forced by Thomas Vinterberg. Tobias Lindholm and Mogens Rukov are the writers of the story. The story revolves around personal desires, tolerance, and solidarity in Danish Commune in the 1970s.

Prime Video 30th April 2021

1. Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (2021)

This amazon original’s will be released on the 30th of April, 2021. Directed by Stefano Sollima, the story of the movie revolves around an Elite Navy SEAL who is trying to find out the murderer of his pregnant wife. In the middle of this, he uncovers a covert plot that is threatening to engulf Russia and the United States in a war.

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