Preview: She Would Never Know Episode 15 and 16

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She Would Never Know

When Rowoon was playing the leading role of Extraordinary You drama, we never wanted the drama to come to an end and hoped to see more of him. Yes, hopes and wishes do come true as he appears as the lead role in another drama, She Would Never Know. The most exciting part is that the drama is on air currently. However, it is also coming to an end soon. Moreover, the drama series only has two episodes left for premiering. It began premiering in January. The curiosity and attention of the viewers got immediately captured with the airing of the first episode of the drama.

She Would Never Know found its inspiration from a popular novel of the same name. January month not only saw the drama’s release, but a webtoon on the same novel also got launched on Naver in the same month. It is a double surprise for the fans as one can read the webtoon and watches the drama series also at the same time. Ever since the airing of Episode 14, people are more eager and curious to know what may have taken place in three years that left the relationship of Yoon Song-Ah and Chae Hyung-Seung at a complete ending point.

The storyline of She Would Never Know is an ordinary office romance as how a young fell in love with his senior and mentor. It will depict how he woos her and make her fall for him after going through various struggles. Naturally, he also tells her one day not to put on any red lipstick. Hence, that’s how the drama and the novel got their names. Now, let’s know all about the details of the upcoming episodes and when they are scheduled for airing below.

She Would Never Know
Casts for She Would Never Know

She Would Never Know Episode 1 to 14: Recap

She Would Never Know is not only a romantic series but also has some cutesy moments between the leading characters that are bound to make the people fall in love with the drama and the couple. Episode 1 starts with the leading characters sitting together as a team and pitching the brands of their cosmetics to a client in the meeting. Yoon Song-Ah, the leading female character is a mentor to Chae Hyun-Seung, the leading male character. Chae Hyun-Seung is a rookie to Yoon Song-Ah, who has been training him for a bit. But, Hyun-Seung never hid his feelings for his sunabe and is rather straightforward. He even asks her why Soon-Ah considers him only as Hoobae when their age gap is only one year. Moreover, Hyun-Seung even took the initiative and introduces her as his girlfriend when they are out to do some research on the market secretly.

Well, many even thought of them as a couple in the company. There are also rumors going on at work as Hyun-Seung speaks casually to her and finds her very comfortable. But, Soon-Ah is not happy with the rumors as until then, she did not see him as her boyfriend. Besides, she is also dating somebody else. But, nothing goes by anything as planned. Both of the leading casts are bound to have heartbreak. Hyun Seung found Song-Ah kissing Director Lee Jae-Shin in secret, who seems to be her boyfriend. Hyun Seung gets heartbroken and decides to give up on her.

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But, destiny has other plans for them as Hyun Seung found the Director with another girl whom he is supposed to marry very soon. Then, Hyun Seung decides not to give up on her, and the scene moves first forward to one month. Later on, Hyun Seung decides to show Song-Ah the truth and that in reality, her boyfriend is cheating on her. He already has a fiancée and is going to marry soon. Song-Ah first denied and turned her anger towards Hyun Seung. But, comes later to him asking for revenge on Lee Jae-Shin. Hyung Seung simply tells her to date him, although it is fake dating.

Although reluctant at first, Song-Ah agrees later on after seeing the behavior of Jae-Shin towards her. They gradually began fake dating but became a couple as the series proceeds. She accepts her feelings towards him. The show also proceeds to portray how they struggle under Jae-Shin when he came to know of Song-Ah and Hyung Seung dating. Jae-Shin thought that Song-Ah cheated on him when it was the complete opposite. Later on, he realized his mistake as the show proceeds and also asked forgiveness from Song-Ah for his behavior towards her. Besides the above, the show also portrays the relationship of Jae-Shin with his fiancés, Song-Ah with her mother, and the two sisters of Hyung Seung.

She Would Never Know

She Would Never Know Episode 15 & 16: Release Date

She Would Never know is finally coming to an end as only two episodes are left for going on air. It is a South Korean office romantic comedy-drama that was released on January 18, 2021. The drama consists of sixteen episodes that will run until March 9, 2021. It airs every Monday and Tuesday at 5:30 pm on JTBC original network. At the same time, iQiyi also broadcasts the series internationally. The airing for the last episode took place on March 2, 2021. She Would Never Know Episode 15 and 16 is going to release on March 8, 2021, and March 9, 2021, respectively. It would release at the same time as the previous episodes on the network of JTBC.

Production and Cast

Lee Dong Yoon and Ra Ha-Na is the director of She Would Never Know with Chae Yoon as its screenwriter. The other name for the series is Sunbae, Don’t Put That Lipstick on, Geu Lipstic Bareujimayo, Senior, Don’t Apply That Lipstick, etc. The series is based on the 2017 popular novel of Elise ‘Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick’. Kim Ji-Yeon is the executive producer of the series with JTBC Studios as the production company. JTBC and iQIYI themselves are the distributors for the series.

The leading cast for She Would Never Know includes Won Jin-Ah, Wang Bit-Na, Rowoon, Lee Kyu-Han, Lee Hyun-Wook, and Lee Joo-Bin. They are depicting the roles of Yoon Song-Ah, Chae Ji-Seung, Cha Hyun-Seung, Lee Jae-Woon, Lee Jae-Shin, and Lee Hyo-Joo. Other supporting cast includes Park Han-sol, Jeon Gook-Han, Park So-Yi, Kim Kwang-Kyu, Choi Jung-Won, Kwon Han-Sol, Lee Dong-Ha, Kim Hye-In, Hs Yoon-Kyung, Kim Han-Na, Lee Ji-Hyun, Yang Jo-Ah, Kang Hye-Jin, and Ahn Se-Ha. They are depicting the roles of Lee Se-Rim, Chairman Lee, Kang-Ha-Eun, Kim Joong-Huk, Ryu Han-Seo, Do Ye-Jin, Kang Woo-Hyun, Kang Soo-Mi, Chae Yeon-Seung, Ahn Yoo-Sun, Oh Wol-Son, Yoo Jae-Gyum, Kim Ga-Young, and Kwon Sung-Yeon.

She Would Never Know Episode 15 & 16: Preview

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Episode 14 featured how Song-Ah went to Europe for moving ahead in her career. Cha Hyun-Seung was reluctant to let go off for her five years but still went ahead as she wanted to go. He thought they would try the long-distance relationship and will be fine until she returns. However, the scene proceeds fast forward to three years, and she returns. The show does not show as of yet what took place in those three years. But, Hyung Seung and Song-Ah met each other in the street. At first, it seemed that Hyung Seung would run to her, but no he just pass by her.

In the preview of episode 15, it shows how everyone welcomes and congratulates Song-Ah for returning as the General Manager. However, both Song-Ah and Hyung Seung remain aloof from each other and only remain seeing each other from afar. It seems that both of them are pretending to be okay and trying to forget each other. They also meet and see each other in the office almost every day. The preview also featured Song-Ah and Hyung Seung having a moment with each other at the elevator. But, in reality, they cannot forget and keep reminiscing with each other. Episode 15 will further feature how their relationship came to the point of breaking up. Since episode 16 is the last one, it will probably have a happy ending. Song-Ah and Hyung Seung may come together as a couple after solving their misunderstandings and problems.

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