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Preview and Trailer: Shaman King 2021 Episode 1

Shaman King 2021

One day when the star has filled the sky, Yoh meets with a middle-schooler, Manta. Yoh is a young Shaman who can talk with the spirit. He can also use the powers of the spirits, but he has a huge challenge that he has to overcome. Asakura Yoh will battle to win the Shaman Fight and become the Shaman King. Shaman Fight is a tournament that takes place between Shamans, and it happens once every 500 years. His fiance Ana Kyouyama joined him along with samurai spirit Amidamaru and other friends.

A powerful evil known as Hao emerges and wants to eliminate all Shaman and create a new world. Hao wants to become a new Shama King and rule the world. Asakura Yoh decided to challenge Hao with his allies. Shaman King will make its deputy next week, and a new episode will be released once a week. Let’s see who Asakura Yoh is below.

Shaman King 2021 Summary

Asakura Yoh is a normal teenage boy who is 13 years old who wears a pair of orange headphones behind his ears. He likes to wear his shirt opened, but he buttons it up when it gets cold. During the battle, he wears a black vest, but on his second fight of Shaman Fights, he was wearing a shirt with a Funbari Onsen advertisement on it. When Yoh turns 17, he began to wear jeans, a white t-shirt, and a scarf. At that time, Hana was still a young baby.

Yoh Asakura is a Shaman who lives in two worlds between the worlds of the dead and the living. He wants to become the next new Shaman King. Yoh wants to communicate with the Great Spirit and possess the powers to change the world. He decided to enter the Shaman Fight that is about to take place since 500 years have now passed. His wife Anna joined him, and they begin training together.

Shaman King 2021

Shaman King 2021

Patch Tribe Members

They prepared for the tournament together, and Yoh became friends with Ryu, Tao Ren, Faust VIII, Horohoro, Lyserg Diethel, and Joco McDonnell, who is known as Chocolove McDonnell. They both begin their journey together and heads to the Shaman Fights. The Shaman Fights begin, and Yoh meets with his twin brother Hao Asakura. Hao is a Shaman and strong, just like Yoh. Hao has his evil plans to eradicate all Shamans and weak humans. The intense battle begins, and all other weak Shamans have been defeated.

The battle ended, and two teams are reaming: a team of Yoh and his friends, the X-Laws, and Hao’s team. Surprisingly they decided to forfeit the tournament, and Hao became the new Shaman King. Hao ruled the world, and Yoh decided to take him down with his allies. They attack Hao when he is making contact with the Great Spirit, but he was unconscious. The Patch Tribe members stand on Yoh and his allies’ way to stop Hao from merging with the Great Spirit.

The Patch Tribe members serve only the Shaman King no matter how evil he is. Yoh and his allies battle with the members and defeated Patch Tribe members. Suddenly the new Shaman King revives after gaining all of the Great Spirit powers. Hao appears infront of Yoh as the new Shaman King. He clashed with Hao and defeated Yoh and his allies. Hao took their souls out of their bodies, and they got teleported inside the Great Spirit. When they are inside the Great Spirit, another battle started.

The five Legendary Warriors

Shaman King 2021

Shaman King 2021

Yoh, Ren, Lyserg, Horohoro, and Choco Love team up and battle against Hao. Hao unleashed five legendary spirits the spirit of thunder, the spirit of the earth, the spirit of rain, the spirit of fire, and the spirit of the wind. The battle took longer than was expected, and Yoh’s old friend arrives inside the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit has the powers to grant everyone’s wish that brings their mother spirit. Hao’s wish was to bring his mother back. Anna helped, and Hao’s mother appears in the  Great Spirit.

She told her son that to forgive the humans for killing her. She also told him that it is the only way to save him. Hao changed his mind and decided not to eliminate humans. He decided that he will eradicate them after finding another new plan. Hao decided to see how Yoh and his allies will save and change the world. After seven years, Hana is waiting for his parents, the five legendary warriors, and Yoh and Anna. Let’s find out more about Yoh and the five legendary warriors in the trailer below.

Shaman King Episode 1 Release Date and  Official Trailer

Shaman King 2021 Episode 1 date will release on Thursday, 1 April 2021 at 5:55 PM JST. You can officially watch Shaman King 2021 on Netflix. The next episode will be available next week on Thursday. Let’s see what the trailer has for us here.

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