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Preview & Recap: Blue Birthday Episode 8

Blue Birthday Episode 8 Watch Online Free
Blue Birthday Episode 8: Preview and Recap

Blue Birthday is a star-studded K-Drama that started airing episodes in late July. Blue Birthday Episode 8 is almost here. With every new episode in the series, the plot keeps getting more interesting. This drama is definitely a treat for all K-Pop enthusiasts as they get a chance to see two of the biggest names in the industry opposite each other. Blue Birthday stars Yang Hong Seok of Pentagon as Ji Seo Jun. Along with him, we also have Kim Ye Rim of Red Velvet as Oh Ha Rin.

The story revolves around a group of high school kids whose lives are turned upside down when one of their classmates commits suicide. Now, 10 years down the line, Oh Ha Rin comes across 9 magical photographs. When burnt, these pictures take her back in time. Can she use this opportunity to bring back her fallen friend from the past? Or will she end up ruining her own life in the present through the process?

Blue Birthday Episode 8: Release Date

Blue Birthday Episode 8 will be released on Saturday, August 14, 2021. The episode will be released at 7 P.M. KST. You can watch it on Naver TV. In the upcoming episode of this hit K-Drama, the viewers will get a lot of their questions answered. First and foremost, we will certainly get a clearer picture of the story behind Seo Jun’s abrupt death. It has already been made very clear that Ji Seo Jun did not kill himself. But if it was a murder, who killed him? And, most importantly, what was their motive?

Blue Birthday Episode 7: Recap

Blue Birthday Episode 8 Spoilers

Ji Seo Jun and Oh Ha Rin in Blue Birthday

The 7th episode of the series that is soon becoming one of the most thrilling k-dramas that we have ever watched is called ‘It’s You, Isn’t It’. This entire episode is in the past. It is a continuation of Oh Ha Rin trying to solve Ji Seo Jun’s murder mystery after having burnt the fifth photograph. This episode was more of a filler. There wasn’t a proper progression of the plotline except for one astonishing revelation at the very end of the episode.

Blue Birthday Episode 7 starts with Oh Ha Rin’s realization in the hallway. She is coming to terms with the fact that Ji Seo Jun was, in fact, killed by someone. In the meanwhile, she also tries explaining to Seo Jun that he will die two days later.

After school is over for the day, the five friends decide to go and have lunch together. Here, Ha Rin manages to steal one of Seo Jun’s pictures in a desperate attempt to buy herself some more time. She even sneaks to a nearby store in search of a source to create fire. Seo Jun and Eui Yeong catch up to her when she is missing at their table.

Ha Rin Tries to Warn Seo Jun

Who Killed Ji Seo Jun in Blue Birthday

Blue Birthday Cast

After she failed to buy more time at lunch, she makes an excuse to leave early. Ha Rin also makes an excuse for Seo Jun. She wants both of them to leave together so that she can convince him about his death. However, Eui Yeong, who clearly harbors feelings for Ha Rin decides to leave with them. Ha Rin still thought that she will have their bus ride back home to talk to Seo Jun privately. However, those expectations are shattered soon when Eui Yeong announces that he will be going to cram school tonight. And, hence, he will be traveling with them.

Visibly disappointed, Ha Rin gets down at her stop. Regardless of her inability to warn Seo Jun, she still tries burning the picture she stole to see if she can buy some more time. Seo Jun realizes that one of his pictures is missing and goes behind Ha Rin. When he sees her burning the picture, Ha Rin tries to clarify her motive behind it. Seo Jun asks her with a very serious face if she is from the future. Interestingly, this exchange between them is heard by someone whose face is not revealed in this episode. What was the meaning behind Seo Jun’s question? Did he know something about the time travel that his pictures allow? Guess we will have to watch Blue Birthday Episode 8 to find out!

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