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Pragmata: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Game

Pragmata Release Date

Pragmata is one of the most anticipated games the gamers are waiting for quite some time. This is the biggest project, which Capcom is currently working on. We will be looking at every detail, including the Pragmata Release Date, and you need to know about this upcoming game from the Japanese developer. For those who don’t know, Pragmata is an upcoming project announced by Capcom back in 2020. Ever since then, players want to know when will be the game will be released so that they could finally try the game.

For those who don’t know, Capcom Co., Ltd. is a Japanese video game developer and publisher that was established back in 1979. They are known for creating a lot of successful franchises that have multi-million-selling games. Capcom games have been famous for their most commercially successful games, such as Resident EvilMonster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Street FighterMega Man, and Dead Rising.  After their last game, the Lost Planet that was released back in 2006, everyone is looking forward to Pragmata since this is the next-gen project by Capcom. this is a brand new IP that was previously decided to release within 2022, but it was later shifted due to the many issues that had happened recently.

Pragmata Release Date

Before we look into Pragmata Release Date, we should first look at what all has happened so far. Capcom announced this game first time in 2020 at the PS5 event on June 11, 2020. In this event, they also showcased their cinematic trailer for the game. The Pragmata was thus called Capcom’s Death Stranding as a nickname for the game.

In the trailer, we could see a character who was wearing a technologically advanced spacesuit. This was designed by Yoji Shinkawa. for those who don’t know, Shinkawa is famous for his character designs and also as a mecha designer. His world can be seen in Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, no wondering some fans love to call this game Capcom’s Death Stranding. Looking back at the trailer, we could then see the character exploring a space colony. While he was exploring, he ends up encountering a mysterious girl. And till then, the fans only have this trailer or any official information regarding the game, apart from the fact that Capcom has confirmed that the game will be an action-adventure game.

Fans are in hopes of getting the gameplay video, but they are still in wait since Capcom didn’t release the gameplay video till now. After releasing the trailer, Capcom games announced that the game will be released in 2022 for PC via Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X. But unfortunately, it seems like things didn’t go as Capcom expected, as it is said that the game will now be released in late 2023 with no confirmations on when the game will be released. This was announced by Sony.

Not only Pragmata, but many game dates were shifted. It seems like the game development may have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected many projects globally.  While Capcom didn’t address why the game was delayed, they still confirmed that their team is working hard to make the title come true. It is also confirmed that Pragmata will be using Ray-tracing and immersive sci-fi settings.

Even though the game was delayed, many expected that there will be some kind of announcement from Capcom regarding Pragmata, at least expected a short gameplay video. But even as a regular event, Capcom didn’t have much to reveal. Many fans may actually feel like they didn’t get what they were promised since they were really looking into any announcements from Capcom regarding Pragmata.

Pragmata Release Date

What’s sadder to see is that there are not many rumors or leaks regarding the game. There are currently no leaks that were released so that the fans could get excited about the game. While this is a bit frustrating for the fans since they are not getting any information, Capcom seems to have done a great job in keeping the leaks closed in the studios only.

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