Power Season 6 Rumors And Everything We Know

Hold your breath fans and the like; Power is returning for a sixth season. The fifth season just ended last week and we are already left wanting more. Such is the charm of the show. The crime drama has amassed a massive fanbase over its five-year run. And they want more. The renewal of the show for a sixth season was way confirmed back in March.

The show chronicles the exploits of New York City nightclub owner James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick portrayed by the talented Omari Hardwick. He wants to leave the criminal world in order to support his legitimate business interests as a nightclub owner. James aims to balance these two lives, while avoiding police capture, and looks to resolve his personal life as his marriage crumbles.

Power Season 6 - Release Date, Cast And Spoilers

The fifth season saw massive shock moments with no one being safe. Kanan had a violent end in an encounter with the cops and the end of the season witnessed fan favorite Angela shot by Tommy in the chest. While there was nothing definitive shown, it’s not that easy to survive being shot in the chest. It has got something to do with the heart. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Also, there have been rumors that she is not really dead and will return in the sixth season.

Power Season 6 - Release Date, Cast And Spoilers

The show has seen major turns and twists. As for the sixth season, showrunner Courtney A. Kemp has said in an interview that “the death of [the] friendship between Ghost and Tommy in some ways is going to control at least the beginning of next season.” In other words, the sixth season is going to be a blast.

Omari Hardwick will be back in the sixth season as James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick and so will be most of the main cast which includes Naturi Naughton, Michael Rainey Jr., Rotimi Akinosho, LaKeisha Grant, Joseph Sikora amongst others.

Unfortunately, for now, there has been no official release date, but the silver lining is that we know for sure the sixth season is coming out. Since usually, the seasons come out in June-July, the sixth season is expected around the same time in 2019.

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