Power Season 5 Episode 9: There’s A Snitch Among Us

Power Season 5 Episode 9 Release Date

The trailer of Power is full of scenes with intense dialogue as the story arc reaches a climax point. Right after one of the most dramatic deaths in the series history, you’re in for some action and emotional moments in a show that stars 50-cent this week. Power Season 5 Episode 9 which is titled “There’s a Snitch among us” and it airs on Sunday on Starz and the next day at Netflix UK.

Power Season 5 Episode 9 Promo

Power Season 5 Episode 9 What’s happening?

Well, a lot, this episode is the continuation of the twisted shock plots that saw Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson playing Kanan killed in a shootout with the police. This episode will include the backlash and consequences of that plot twist that sends shockwaves throughout the loyalties of Ghost’s crew.

In the 30 second teaser of the episode starts out with Ghost, Tommy, and Tasha St Patrick rowing. Tasha says she doesn’t know shit was going down that way, wondering how was she supposed to know, but then Tommy interrupts her saying “Because we’re family”. The trailer smash cuts to Tari who is terrified watching the report on TV about Kanan getting shot by the police.

We then see Tariq telling Tasha, Ghost, and Tommy that he was the only one who cared for Kanan and that he took a loss so that they could win. Then our 30-second trailer promises us even more action when we see Tommy inside a car with his Dad, Tony Teresi. Tony Teresi is the snitch. Which means that Ghost asked Tommy to kill his own dad. The tension is turned up even a notch by Tommy when he says to his dad that he never told him how did he get out of prison.

Power Season 5 Episode 9 Plot

Ghost has suspicions about Tommy’s dad, and he tells Tommy that he cannot trust him, to which Tommy replies in the same way. He gets a heads up about the Feds that have been trailing his steps all over the season. Ghost is warned about Feds closing in, and that he could be facing life in the can. The episode is set to air on September 2, 2018.