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Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 9: Release Date & Preview

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 9

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 9 has got the fans all hyped up. They cannot wait for the release of the upcoming episode as the season gets more and more intense. The American television series follows the genre of the drama category. The show has managed to gain a lot of popularity in recent years with its amazing storytelling. In addition to that, the show has also featured some spectacular performances from various actors. Raising Kanan is now getting closer to its season finale for the first season and the story has become even more dramatic and intense. The number of twists and turns this season has offered is unbelievable and the fans still cannot get enough of it. The series is a spin-off to the popular American television series titled “Power”.

However, it also acts as a prequel to the series as it focuses on the story of Kanan Stark. Kanan was featured in the hit American crime drama show “Power”. His character was a recurring one in the first and second seasons, meanwhile a guest appearance in the final season. Although, he played a vital role in the story along with the main characters of seasons three, four, and five. Fans seemed to have loved Kanan’s character on the show and that might have inspired the development of a spin-off based on his story. Whereas, it is a prequel because the story is set in Kanan’s early days in the 1990s. On one hand, the audience saw his character as a rather established one in “Power”, in this show he is a rookie. Power Book III: Raising Kanan follows the early stage of how Kanan entered the world of drugs.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 9

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 of Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 has been released on 12th September 2021. Moreover, the episode is titled “The Cost Of Business” and it aired at 8 pm ET on the Starz television network. The episode opens up with the death ceremony of Nicole who has died of the blue pill. This blue pill has become the talk of the neighborhood as it has become the reason for dropping bodies. Juke and Kanan go to the death ceremony, but they are sent away by her parents. Meanwhile, Juke is shocked to the core to see Nicole dead as she loved her a lot.

On the other hand, we see Raq team up with Juliana and murder Gabriel in cold blood in his house. Whereas another person is found dead after taking the pill. Howard and the Detective decide to do something about it. However, the Detective is hell-bent on the possibility that this new drug would be a new product from either Raq or Unique. But we see Raq, Marvin, and Lou discussing the same drug and who could be behind it.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 9

A still from Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 8

Howard tips a drug user to spill out some information about the drug. This leads them to a person who then reveals that it is Kanan who is behind these killer blue pills. On the other side, we see Marvin talking to Kanan about the current situation. He is afraid that this would make Raq furious as it will all lead to her. In addition to that, he even tells Kanan that Raq might not kill her son, but she can definitely put a bullet in him.

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Did Kanan Get Arrested For The Blue Pills?

Howard goes to talk to Raq about the situation and tells her that it is Kanan who is behind the blue pills. However, he makes her a deal that he will get this matter fixed up since Kanan is his son. But he asks her to tell Kanan the truth that he is his son. He even blackmails her about revealing the truth about their relationship. This truth will sabotage her reputation in the neighborhood because she went out with a cop and even had a son with him.

Things take a shocking turn for Juke when she secretly goes to Nicole’s house. She finds the blue pill in Nicole’s room and learns that it was the reason Nicole died. This devastates her as she now knows that she can neither blame her nor Kanan for Nicole’s death. Meanwhile, we see Raq confront Marvin about the blue pills and get furious that he did not come clean to her before. In his defense, Marvin says that he wanted to do something for himself. He states that he was not valued at all in the family that led him to do so. Although, it was not his intention to get people killed.

Raising Kanan Episode 9 Release Date

Episode 8 Ending scene

However, Raq tells him to leave her sight as she does not trust him at all. Furthermore, Raq is confronted by Joaquin about her upcoming plans. Whereas, on the other hand, Lou is all set to make name for himself after getting half of Bulletproof. He even has plans to stand up to Raq about what he wants to do in the future. But it all comes to a tragic end for him in Episode 8. Unique sends his men to kill Lou to send a message to Raq that a war has begun.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 9: When Will It Release And What To Expect?

The first season is nearing its end with only two episodes left now. Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 9 is going to air on 19th September 2021. The episode is titled “Loyal to the End” and will release at 8 pm ET on the Starz television network. This episode is going to be another big one before the final episode drops a week after this one. We already saw Episode 8 take big twists and turns. One of those big reveals was Kanan finding out that Raq killed his friend D-Wiz. On the other hand, Raq told Marvin to get away from her and the family business. However, in the end, it was Marvin who tried to help Lou and carried him out of the house.

Raising Kanan Episode 9 Release Date

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 9 will release on 19th September 2021

Things are not looking good for Raq too as she is now alone in this fight. Unique has waged a war against her thinking that she tried to sabotage his business by putting the blue pill in the neighborhood. Moreover, Joaquin is also onto her. Now, with Lou dead, she will definitely need Marvin and her son Kanan by her side. She has to understand that Marvin might be doing stupid things but there is one thing he has for the family, Loyalty. She will also have to make amends with Kanan and explain to him the real story behind D-Wiz’s death before he makes up his own story. Therefore, the title for the next is best suited in the current situation. Raq is going to need all the loyalty she can get at the moment from those who are close to her.

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