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‘Police University’ Episode 17 Release Date: Will It Have Season 2?

Police University Episode 17: Will It Have Season 2
Police University Kdrama 2021

Many fans are wondering about Police University Episode 17 and Season 2. After nine weeks, the kdrama has ended, giving a memorable heartwarming ending. Police University received positive reviews during its airing time. Viewers enjoyed comedy duo Cha Tae Hyun and Jinyoung as Yu Dong Man and Kang Sun Ho. Each cast member gave their best shot, becoming one with their characters. It is one of the reasons many fans enjoyed watching Police University despite its draggy storyline. Another highlight of Police University kdrama is the sweet romance between Kang Sun Ho and Oh Kang Hee!

The last episode shows Kang Sun Ho helping the police department by hacking all illegal sites and taking them down. All his friends, professors, and Kang Hee miss him during lectures. Yu Dong Man also bid goodbye after delivering his last lecture. He goes back to his original crime department. After two years, Chul Jin comes out of prison, and Dong Man helps him settle his life. Chul Jin opens a restaurant nears the university, and Kang Hee’s mother also begins working there. Bum Tae and Eon Joo become a couple. Eventually, Kang Sun Ho also returns as a freshman to Police University.

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Police University Episode 16 Recap

Episode 16 begins from where the previous episode ended. Yu Dong Man receives a call from the police station regarding the latest news of illegal gambling sites. It turns out that Kang Sun Ho helped police with his hacking skill and took down all illegal gambling sites. After leaving Korea National Police University (KNPU), he confesses his crime. But due to lack of evidence, police could not arrest him. Knowing Sun Ho wants to make things right, the police ask him to help them in the illegal gambling site. It is how Sun Ho becomes the anonymous hacking hero who helped the police force.

Police University Episode 17: Will It Have Season 2

Ep16 featuring Yu Dong Man giving his last lecture

Yu Dong Man conducts his last lecture and bids goodbye to his airhead students. Finally, he goes back to the crime department. It also shows Joon Wook prepares a romance set to propose Eon Joo with Bum Tae’s help. However, Bum Tae gets surprised when he learns that Joon Wook himself sends Eon Joo to him, giving up his love for his friendship. Finally, Bum Tae confesses to Eon Joo, and both decide to date. Joon Wook, on the other hand, ends up crying, losing his cool guy act in front of Kang Hee. Whereas students love lives blossoming, how can professors leave behind? During a drinking party, Professor Kwon indirectly confesses to Professor Choi, who ends up spilling her beer on him. It is truly a hilarious yet adorable scene!

Happy Ending For All Characters At The End Of Police University

The drama takes a two-year time jump. Two years later, all juniors are now seniors. Therefore, they attend the opening ceremony of newcomers where we finally see Kang Sun Ho. Professor Kwon had canceled his admission so he could join police university from the entry-level. It is the only way for him to return. Thus, here he is, after two years. All of his friends and professors seem glad to see him. As they promised, Kang Sun Ho and Oh Kang Hee meet at the bridge. This time they promise to stay by each other side and never leave, sealing the promise with a romantic kiss.

It also shows that Park Chul Jin gets out of prison, and Yu Dong Man helps him afterward. Dong Man buys him a new place for a restaurant near the police university. Kang Hee’s mother, Oh Jung Ja, works a part-time job there. Everything seems to work for all characters. Park Min Kyu and Yoon Na Rae also begin seeing each other after getting over their one side love. After two years, KNPU 41th Batch graduates! Dong Man even visits to see his airheads finally getting graduate. However, Sun Ho is not graduating with his old batch. The episode ends with a beautiful picture capturing each character’s dazzlings features, who all are ready for their next stage of dreams!

Police University Episode 17: Will It Have Season 2

Ep16 ending scene

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Police University Episode 17 Release Date

Unfortunately, Police University Episode 17 will not be released since the drama has already ended with sixteen episodes. The South Korean drama Police University is a youth crime comedy-drama broadcasted on the KBS2 channel. The kdrama Episode 1 premiered on 9 August 2021 and was completed on 5 October 2021. With Episode 16, the drama has wrapped up all ends of the plotline. Therefore, there will not be Police University Episode 17.

Watch Police University Kdrama Online- Streaming Details

Even after completion, you can still watch Police University on Wavve. Those living in Korea have access to the online streaming channel Wavve. All sixteen episodes are available there. As for global fans, Police University is available on Viki with English Subtitles. Viewers can even download Viki mobile app for easy access.

Police University Episode 17: Will It Have Season 2

Police University Students

Will Police University Kdrama Have Season 2?

There is no official statement has been made regarding Police University Season 2. However, from the way Police University ended, it seems difficult to have a second season. The drama covered all parts of the storyline. So doing continuation will not be possible. Even if the production house decides to do Season 2, it will be based on a completely new story, and the cast also will be different, or at least new faces will be seen. Since there is no official remark, it is hard to comment about the second season. With the latest updates, it seems there will not be any season two yet. While waiting for new updates, watch Police University kdrama on Wavve and Viki.

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