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Police University Episode 16: Release Date & Spoilers

Police University Episode 16
Police University Kdrama 2021

Police University Episode 16 is releasing the next week! The kdrama has come so far with so many twists and turns. From the start till the latest episode, Police University has shown different shades to entertain its audience. The last episode has revealed the secrets they all have been chasing since Episode 1. However, the outcome is beyond their reach. On one side, the mystery is sorting out, while on the other side, the drift between Sun Ho and Kang Hee seems to get larger. Will their love story truly end here amid the mess? Or will they find each other to overcome this battle? 

The latest episodes of Police University reveal various secrets that have been kept hidden for a long time. One of the secrets is Sun Ho’s hacking case, and the other is the leader of the gambling site case. If you see closely, the intentions behind both cases are genuine. However, no matter what, a crime is still a crime. Whereas Sun Ho hacked for his father’s surgery expenses, the gambling case happened to provide and help the police force in need. Maybe many fans might have guessed the leader but never once saw the intention. It is a twist no one saw coming. 

Dong Man comes at perfect timing to save the boys from getting expelled. After catching Jang Jae Gyu, they learn that all arrows point to Professor Choi, who is linked to the Zelkova Tree Foundation. However, after confronting her, Dong Man doubts the true mastermind is someone else. Meanwhile, Sun Ho gets arrested for helping Jae Gyu escape. Still, he helps find out the crucial person to whom large sums were bribed, Joo Jae Il. Before Chief Han, Joo Jae Il is the one getting the highest bribe money. However, after locating Jae Il, it turns out it’s a corporation and not a person where Dong Man actually discovers the ringleader, Professor Seo. Therefore, the upcoming Police University Episode 16 will conclude the criminal case, showing the bubbly romance between the main leads!

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Police University Episode 16 Release Date

Police University Episode 16 will be released on 5 October 2021 at 9.30 pm KST on the KBS channel. It premiered in August 2021. Police University contains 16 episodes in total; each episode runs for 60-65 mins. Therefore, the upcoming episode is going to be the finale of Police University. The storyline is almost reached the finish line. It will be exciting to see how the plot will be closed. Viewers are more curious about the love life. Thus, many viewers are looking forward to the last episode of Police University. 

Police University Episode 16

Police University Sun Ho and Kang Hee break up scene

Watch Police University Episode 16 Online- Streaming Details

Those living in Korea can watch Police University Episode 16 on the KBS2 network at 9.30 pm KST. The kdrama is also available on Viki with English Subtitles for international viewers. However, not all episodes are dropped on Viki. It will take some time before fans get all episodes of Police University kdrama. 

What To Expect In The Finale Episode Of Police University? Will It Have Season 2? 

The upcoming Police University Episode 16 is going to be the finale that will close all loose ends. Dong Man and Sun Ho have finally caught the ringleader of the gambling site case. However, evils are not going to stop here. Even though Professor Seo seems to accept his crime, Chief Han is a different case. In the last episode, we will how the police team ends his story. Besides all crime drama, the episode will also show bubbly romance between Sun Ho and Kang Hee. The rip between the two will be close off, and both reunion once again. Our other police boys also will close their part of the stories. 

Police University Episode 16

Police University featuring Chief Han

The last episode may also show some progress between Dong Man and Professor Choi. It will be exciting for the two to pair together. If the production house ends the kdrama with only season 1, it will show their graduation ceremony. From the way the storyline has been written, there is a possibility that fans may get Police University Season 2. If they do not show the graduation, there is a high chance of getting Police University Season 2 with the same cast members. All in all, the coming episode will display a perfect ending tying all loose ends. To know more about how the story concludes, watch Police University Episode 16. 

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