After a much-awaited announcement, Niantic finally revealed the details of its Halloween event. It’s going to be a 2X candy for Catching and Buddy Walking, just like last year. In addition to that, we are also getting new Gen-3 Ghost-type Pokemon only. But this is just for the time being. In the months following (as early as December) a complete rollout of the rest of the Gen-3 Pokemon is expected.

A while ago, the GAME_MASTER file has seen changes again, adding all of the Gen-3 Pokemon stats, capture encounter info (camera movement, jump sequence, hitbox size and that sort of stuff) along with evolution candy requirements. All Niantic is ready to get started with the event. The official start time of the event is October 20 12:00 P.M. PDT, this event is going to last until the 2nd of November 2017.

As of the time of this writing, all newly added Pokemon have placeholder move combination of Tackle and Struggle. Which tbh, is not that surprising. It is noted that, just before Gen-2 dropped, the possible movesets were updated in a final GAME-MASTER update, so you can expect the same this time as well. Well anyways, at this point in time it is highly unlikely that we’ll be seeing abilities added into the game, as most likely Niantic still has some things to figure out before they do a full on the Gen-3 rollout.

Also, the Buddy Distances are set to a placeholder value of 5KM. In addition, Latios and Latias genders have been fixed. Useful data has been collected from the GAME_MASTER file including candy requirements for evolutions. 2 stage evolution lines cost 50 Candy, with the exception of the Feebas line. 3 stage evolution lines cost 25 + 100 Candy, with the exception of Wurmple and Whismur lines. All split evolution lines cost 50 Candy, including Nincada to Ninjask / Shedinja. Shedinja at this point of time is a strange Pokemon, previously there were speculations that we will be seeing it during the Halloween event as it is partially Ghost-type, but that is not the case, so that’s quite a bummer. It would be interesting to see how Niantic would implement this special Pokemon into the game.

Feebas’s evolution will most likely have a Buddy distance requirement that a similar mechanism to that of Espeon and Umbreon might get implemented for this beautiful beast. Wurmple and Whismur will become the new mass evolution fodder. With the event now offering 2X candy for transfers it is a great time for clearing out all those rats.

We will be on a constant lookout for more new changes and let you guys know, as soon as we receive a confirmation. Have fun while catching those new spooky beasts. Among them, my personal favorite is Duskull and Dusclops. Make sure you grab good IV one’s as Dusknoir (Gen-4) will be a very strong Pokemon.


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