Well, trainers, there is some amount of good news for you’ll the Equinox event was just extended, due to the server based login issues that trainers worldwide faced recently. Now the end time for Equinox event is on the 3rd of October 2017 at 1:00 PM PDT. This is good news for all, giving trainers some extra time to collect precious Stardust.

As for the other big news that we have to announce is that, the Equinox Egg Pool has been analysed by our friends at TSR (Thanks, dronpes, you are the rockstar) Well the results of the research is preliminary and more research might be needed, but still the sample size considered for this is pretty much ok, and some conclusions were actually deduced based on the study.

The Conclusions made were summarized in this neat little infographic, for your viewing pleasure, feel free to download it might come in handy.

PokemonGO: Equinox Egg Pool and Rarity Analysed!
PokemonGO: Equinox Egg Pool and Rarity Analysed!
~Source The Silph Road

According to the official TSR post, these are the current Egg Pools: (Bold indicates a different distance group from the pre-event egg pool)

2KM Egg Pool

Chansey, Larvitar, Mareep, Oddish, Remoraid, Slowpoke, Togepi, and Tyrogue.

5KM Egg Pool

Eevee, Grimer, Horsea, Houndour, Kabuto, Mankey, Omanyte, Pineco, Pinsir, Scyther, Stantler, and Teddiursa.

10KM Egg Pool

Aerodactyl, Dratini, Lapras, Miltank, Porygon, Snorlax and Sudowoodo.

contrary to popular belief these findings show that not only the 2KM Egg Pool was effected, but so is the 5KM Egg Pool, the difference is so minimal that, it could be considered a negligible amount of chance of hatching a rare Pokemon from a 5KM Egg. There is also another theory going around that, the double dust started just before they switched eggs. This explains all the people saying they cleared their eggs and got 10km’s with event Pokemon. If they switched it a few hours into the event, all eggs in that first few hours are after the start of the event but before the species were moved to 2km eggs.


PokemonGo: More PokeStops For Rural Areas!

For more than a year Pokemon Go trainers in rural areas have faced a lot of problems when it comes to playing the game. Since the game was launched about a year ago, rural Pokemon Go trainers have been complaining that they were unable to make the most of the game, since there is not much location data available in such areas, which is the root cause of the problem.

rural areas

Another problem that was initially reported is that rural areas do not have many Pokemon spawns, now this one particularly true for a certain amount of time. Back in the initial days of Pokemon Go, Niantic used an algorithm based on cellular data traffic heat map. Now obviously you can expect a lesser amount of cellular data traffic in rural areas compared to downtown of big cities. This issue has been addressed to a certain extent in the game, but the problem of crappy rural spawns still needs to be worked on.

rural areas

Well, to all of those rural Pokemon Go Trainers, there are is something exciting for you guys. Remember Operation Portal Recon, we have talked a lot about it in this community. Simply put it is a way for a certain section of the people to make an edit and add points of interest(Gyms, PokeStops, Ingress Portals etc..) in Niantic AR based games Ingress and Pokemon Go.

rural areas

Now let’s talk a little about the big news for today, in a local Ingress event, there was an official from Niantic who has said that very soon, Ingress agents will be able to submit portals, to this giant shared mind palace of ours.

This leads us to believe that OPR’s portal submission backlog has finally been cleared and Niantic is really ready to take on the next major project to update the location data base in places that Ingress and Pokemon Go has not really taken off that well.

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