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Pokemon Go: New Update Is Here, Gen-3 And More

A few hours ago, I got a tweet notification on my phone that there is a new APK of Pokemon Go, I got to work and called a few of our team members to start working for the APK mine. The changelog for this update was bug fixes which gave me a turning feel that we just got a bug fixing update. On dissecting the APK- it gave us an orgasmic feeling that finally at last Gen-3 Pokemon will be released this Halloween.

Ok, before we start discussing all the fine details we found in the AP, let me just say one thing, this is just a qucik APK mine. We are really looking for more changes in the GAME_MASTER and reading through tons of Hex’s (meaning hexadecimal!) to make sure we don’t miss out on any details, trust me there are more things to come.

Two major changes to the game’s APK support our claim that Gen-3 will be a Halloween update. First off all the Pokemon cries/sounds for Gen-3 Pokemon have been added into the APK, which according to Niantic history happens only when the launch date is pretty close.

Also, have seen better code structuring in the game’s code which leads us to believe that Niantic might have hired more developers that is all good news it means fewer bugs for us to deal with. New sets of code have been added into the game, that is really pretty amazing referring to stuff like Gen-3 and Halloween.

And the final piece of our gen-3 Halloween launch theory is that it’s all clear in the new Halloween app startup screen. As you can see, the new Halloween wallpaper features new Gen III Pokémon! Duskull and Dusclops, Shuppet and Banette and Sableye. It would a huge bummer if we only get the spooky Pokemon first.

pokemon go game master

But still, I guess it will take another quick app update that will give us the Halloween rollout. There is one specific reference to the new badge for Gen-3 Pokemon. In all of our skimming, we did not find any new badge added to the new APK’s assets, which is kind of a bummer actually.

So there is nothing we could do about that. I hope that we are wrong. Our Devs are working hard at decoding all the delicacies in the new update, please stay tuned for more app updates.


First Ever Official Pokemon Go Contest Is Now!

In an interesting turn of events, Niantic announced a global contest, which is pretty awesome, to say the least. In their efforts to push AR- based gameplay forward, Niantic is hosting an AR-Contest! This is a first of it’s kind of deal for Niantic.

The winner of this contest will be receiving a Pokemon Go Plus, and a Pokemon Go Poster signed by the Pokemon Go Team along with a sweet pair of Bluetooth earbuds (I hope they are the new Google Pixel Buds!).

To participate in the contest all you gotta do is, take an AR-Image of the Pokemon that you are encountering. The judging of the contest will be based on the quality of images that are being captured and is completely skill based.

There are a set of rules for this contest, you can read them over here There is a lengthier version of the rule set (when I say lengthy, trust me it is lengthy!) The most important rules that you need to remember are as follows:-

Snap Epic Pokemon GO AR photos and post them on Instagram using the hashtag #PokemonGOcontest

– The contest lasts until October 25, 2017

– no purchase or payment is necessary to enter or win this contest

– The contest is limited to countries where Pokemon GO has been officially released as of October 11, 2107


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