PokemonGo: Legendary Beasts Are Out!

Trainers, the Legendary Beasts have been out for quite some time now, members of the Pokemon Go Community kept massaging us that they had caught their first legendary beast. Trainers are also reporting their first ever experience on Twitter and Facebook.

There is a ton of information out there, we are going to condense most of this information into this blog post, so you really don’t miss out on anything. First up, there is something really important that you guys would like to know. The base capture rate for all the legendary beasts was added into the GAME_MASTER file a few hours before they made their debut in the game.

And by the looks of it it seems that all three Suicune, Entei, and Raikou have the same base-capture rate of 2%. Now good luck with those odds. To increase your odds, you could always use a Golden-Razz Berry with a curve ball to get a maximum possible base capture rate of 15.73%.

Also, Suicune (my favorite among the beasts) also happens to have it’s move-pool changed right before the launch. Snarl is no longer a possible quick-move for him. Now that leaves Suicune with only two possible quick-move for him that is Extrasensory and Hidden Power. It is considered to be a small buff, as it opens up the possibility of a double Water Suicune move set, which benefits from STAB for both Quick and Charge moves.

Thanks to our friends at Pokemon Go hub who have made a map for quick reference for all the travellers out there. Please take note that, the boundaries for these regions are not strictly not defined.

We have run battle simulations for the legendary beasts, we will be posting the results of the same, pretty soon enough. On a side note, I personally think that Suicune has been really been nerfed. Heck, even Vaporeon is still considered a better pure Water type attacker than Suicune. This is really disappointing to see. PS- I Loved Playing Pokemon Crystal.

I bet you must have a story about your experiences with the legendary beasts share them with the world in the comments. Most Liked one gets extra brownie-points.

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