PokemonGo: Item Drop Rates Changed Again!

Ever since we have been getting 2 item drops from Pokestops and Gym discs, research has been going on if the item drop rate for certain items has changed. Surprisingly there were significant changes that were noted. All of the research that was done has been confirmed to be mostly true, with a decent enough sample size.

The change started on October 11th, the day of the two-drop bug. Simply put both revive and potion rates were almost down by 50%, with also a considerable difference seen in balls and berry drops from Pokestops and Gym Discs. Comparing the drops from the month leading up to the change with the drops since.

In the data study done below, it is quite evident that we are seeing a decrease in the drops rates, of certain healing items like Potions and Revives. On the other hand, the Pokeball drop rate and their type proportions have not changed even by a little. With Pokeballs staying at
71.7% Great Balls at 21.1% and Ultra Balls at 7.2%

This study has also found that not only is there a change in the number of Potions dropped. But the kind of potions dropped has also been affected. With Max and Hyper Potions seeing the Maximum nerf. You can have a look at the recorded rate, and see for yourselves.

The relative data on revives isn’t quite as strong, as many of the drops registered were from accounts from levels 25 to 29 before Max Revives show up, but for those which were level 30+, there seems to be a small nerf to the Max Revive rate as well.

These changes make sense to some extent, as item drops have not been significantly rebalanced since May 9th, long before stops started giving out potions. For trainers doing mostly raids and moderate gymming, this change is probably very welcome! But for rest of the trainers out there, who don’t raid all that quite often they are going to be affected.


Pokemon Gao: New Update Is Here, Gen-3 And More

A few hours ago, I got a tweet notification on my phone that there is a new APK of Pokemon Go, I got to work and called a few of our team members to start working for the APK mine. The changelog for this update was bug fixes which gave me a turning feel that we just got a bug fixing update. On dissecting the APK- it gave us an orgasmic feeling that finally at last Gen-3 Pokemon will be released this Halloween.

Ok, before we start discussing all the fine details we found in the AP, let me just say one thing, this is just a qucik APK mine. We are really looking for more changes in the GAME_MASTER and reading through tons of Hex’s (meaning hexadecimal!) to make sure we don’t miss out on any details, trust me there are more things to come.

Two major changes to the game’s APK support our claim that Gen-3 will be a Halloween update. First off all the Pokemon cries/sounds for Gen-3 Pokemon have been added into the APK, which according to Niantic history happens only when the launch date is pretty close.

Also, have seen better code structuring in the game’s code which leads us to believe that Niantic might have hired more developers that is all good news it means fewer bugs for us to deal with. New sets of code have been added into the game, that is really pretty amazing referring to stuff like Gen-3 and Halloween.

And the final piece of our gen-3 Halloween launch theory is that it’s all clear in the new Halloween app startup screen. As you can see, the new Halloween wallpaper features new Gen III Pokémon! Duskull and Dusclops, Shuppet and Banette and Sableye. It would a huge bummer if we only get the spooky Pokemon first.

pokemon go game master

But still, I guess it will take another quick app update that will give us the Halloween rollout. There is one specific reference to the new badge for Gen-3 Pokemon. In all of our skimming, we did not find any new badge added to the new APK’s assets, which is kind of a bummer actually.

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