Pokemon the Movie Everyone’s Story Release Date and Details

Pokemon the Movie Everyone’s Story Release Date

We already had news that we will be getting a new Pokemon movie later this year. However, we didn’t know what the title of the movie or the release date was. But, it was recently announced that the title of the new Pokemon movie is “Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story.” Adding to this, they also revealed a poster and a trailer. Both of these are now available on the official website.

Pokemon the Movie Everyone’s Story Release Date

The 21st film in the Pokemon movie series will hit cinemas nationwide (Japan) on July 13.

If you have been following the news related to the movie, then you would know that the movie also posted a special teaser back in 2017. The teaser was viewed more than 3 million times. The teaser also led to the speculation that the movie could be related to “Pokemon the Movie,” which was released in Japan in 1999.

Pokemon the Movie Everyone’s Story Release Date

The fans were quick to spot a similarity between the movies and it was related to a flute. The sound played at the end of the teaser was actually the same as that of Meloy’s flute which featured in the earlier movie. Adding to this, there was another announcement that stated that Lugia (which is a legendary Pokemon) will also be part of the new movie. I would like to point it out to the fans that the same pokemon appeared in the same movie.

Pokemon the Movie Everyone’s Story Plot

Now coming to the plot of the movie. The movie is set in Fura City, where every year a festival is held to receive the blessed wind from the legendary Lugia. Adding to the duo of Ash and Pikachu, the movie also introduces some new characters. First up, we have a rookie Pokemon trainer in Lisa, who is also a senior high schooler. Then we have Kagachi, who is vain and full of himself. Then there’s Torito and an old woman named Hisui, who hates Pokemon. The voice of Goku, Masako Nozawa will be voicing Hisui. Last but not the least, we have a mysterious girl named Largo, in the forest.